Sunday, 16 August 2015

Ken Oliver Color Bursts

After work yesterday I needed to do some art and I have just received the new set of 6 color bursts, so out came the water sprayer and lots of paper and card, ooh and  few stencils.  I had great fun, however even though I cleaned my worktop afterwards, I still get coloured water if I spill any water on it today. Anyway here's the photos for your to see ....

this was my first play with the new colours and then I got some bigger stencils out and once you start you cant stop as there is always excess to mop up, and you clean your stencil by taking a last print, but when you pick it up there's another print underneath, and so it continues, until you have to be strict with yourself and just wipe  up what's left, otherwise I would have played all night. 


Would recommend these if only for the fun of using them, but today I'm going to see what cards and art I can make using the myriad of prints I have, will post results for you to see later, have a good Sunday x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Journal play

So one Sunday I decided to try and kickstart some art.  I got out my large journal and decided to just do messy backgrounds ready for me to create on. I did some ombre backgrounds, some gesso backgrounds, with spray ink and some squirt the paint on the page and try to arfully blend together, which is where this one started.  I started working on the one opposite which was oranges and pinks when some of the pink ended up on this background (messy artist) and it caught my eye and I liked the contrast, so I switched pages and created some more layers, including book circles coloured with inks. I liked them and decided the rest of the bookpage would look good as a dress for a whimsical girl, so I bravely (or so I thought) blocked out the figure and I've been working on it on and off since then. The flowers ended up because the book page had a hole in it form where I'd cut out circles before realising I wanted a dress shape, LOL, that's what you call serendipity Now I think its finished or virtually anyway. 

So what do you think?


forgot to mention the lips, first off all I was going for a singing angel, but it all looked a bit non- angelic, so I painted out and started again, and then again, I wish Id stopped at the second set.

getting proud of my shading and its all thanks to the fabby Kate Crane, a great teacher.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Stampotique Designer Challenge # 205



Had this idea for this last week but it seems to have taken me forever to get it going and then to get it finished.

The challenge was to use household items to create the background, and for some unknown reason (OK might be because I'm loopy) I decided to use a lice comb (kids not at school, hopefully not needed anymore) a mini grater and an empty pill packet.

Used some embossing paste coloured with Paper Artsy fresco paints, then used said items to make marks in the background to create a sea'ish background. Rubbed some watered down black paint in to dirty it up a wee bit. Stamped and coloured Smushasha, then used two sticks for the lice which Ive poked through her hair and tail.

Also used old book paper to write a newspaper article using my old typewriter, hence the gaps in the typing, oh well all adds to the feel of the piece.

So submitting this late for SDC #205, funny thought it would fit the theme for SDC #206 as well.

Please can anybody let me know if when you post a comment verification is on, as I've turned it off so many times, but apparently last week a friend had to compare salads to post a comment, !!!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Paper Artsy inspired

loved all the recent blogs by PaperArtsy for their new products, particularly made me want to do a bit of JOFY stamping, so decided to do a masterboard using all the Jofy stamps I have and the new distress ink pads, I had bought but not used yet.

Step One - random stamping

Step 2 - blend in distress inks
 Step 3 -  splash with water
 Step 4 - knock back with some white splats and stencilling
 Paper piecing
 Card 1
 Card 2

I had started the master board and then decided I wanted a coloured background, so decided if I coloured all over with distress I could then pop the JoFY shapes out by paper piecing, (which I find very relaxing), Card one using a Basic Gray paper pad and Card two I used some book text which had mopped up excess ink from another piece some time ago.

And Ive got more masterboard left to play with. YAY.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A tale of two classes ...

Day 1 - Kate Crane Journalling @ The Artistic Stamper

before we begin, clean hands

..... and then let the mess commence

Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2
mono page

Kate's examples


My attempt, everyone else was working in a bigger journal than me, but I didn't think to size things down, so painted circles ended up quite overwhelming, but I styled it out. (LOL)


some fab work by Karen and Angie

and then it was time for selfies

 such buddies

 do I really have to be here

 just joking, love you really Kate

 Kate didnt want a piccie of the hugging photo LOL

Day 1 class photo

Day 2 Kate Crane Driftwood Class @ The Artistic Stamper

The naughty corner apparently!!!!


the naughty corner being good !!!!!!


Kate Crane runs a strict class, no talking or messing around, apparently.

 Nikki and Karen show off their artwork.

Day 2 Class photo.

And a fab weekend was had by all thank you Kate for coming down sarf! again, we hope to see you again soon. And to Jennie & Mal (Mr & Mrs Artistic Stamper) thank you for organising such a fab weekend and supplying all the yummy food.