Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Testing testing 1 2 3

Been playing this weekend making my own font, I'm sure its not super original but its all hand drawn and I kept working them to get the look I wanted and the repetition of certain styles to make it cohesive. I really enjoyed it and then had  a little colouring session.  I was desperate to use my prima watercolours but they are still in the post, grrrr. So I went ahead and used tombow pens, inktense and prisamcolor instead.

Testing is for a scheduled publish, my first attempt.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wanderlust 2016 ( #wanderlustclass)

I was lucky enough to get this year long class for my christmas present and I have been learning and creating ever since.

You can still join in, and here's the link to Everything Art.  Wanderlust 2016 is a fab class and has nearly 1500 members to-date.

(It is run by Katarzyna Krzyminska and Jamie Avery who take turns with other designers to create lessons and share knowledge on even the most simple things like paintbrushes and there purposes, because I never took art at school this is knowledge I'm sadly lacking in and love what I'm learning. They also own The Artist Trading Post.)

 Week 1 was creating a page in our Wanderlust Book, I followed Kasia's techniques to create a page with a word that describes how I was feeling, loved the fingers in the paint technique. I amy have overworked it a bit, but its all part of the learning.

Aside from the main course we also had a mini zentangle lesson with Beckah Krahula which I have dabbled in before, not too successfully, but learnt lots and created these. I even tried making my own tangles and will be exploring this further as Week 6 is a full lesson by Beckah.

Week 3 Another Kasia lesson on composition, I absolutely loved this lesson and learnt so much, here are a couple of photos showing the stages of my creation, using Kasia's techniques

Week 2 was the fantabulous Kate Crane and I have spent ages on this and its still not finished, but thought I would share the stages so far

journal pages created, tried to use different colours from Kate and it becomes a bit experimental in places, but I persevered and think it will all come together in the end.

decided to fill with stampotique stamps, started by using a lot of background stamps on the inserts and am then working on filling them with the right stampotique characters, and this is where I'm at, some pages nearly done, just need some words, on others I have lots of work to do. Loved loved loved this lesson, might be because I love love love Kate Crane.

Cover pictures, followed Kate's technique and then added my own spin

and open pictures, showing some of the added pages with a less busy background, but that wont last. Ha Ha Ha.

So this is what I have been doing this year so far, and of course I've been doing a little bit of purchasing of essential goodies as well, this Monday is going to be tough though, as Stampotique are releasing new stamps.

Sorry its photo heavy but I had a request to put this on my blog and I have, which is a miracle in itself.

Please add a comment as I love to hear what people think of my art.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Better late than never ..........

So a couple of weekends back I spent Saturday & Sunday at The Artistic Stamper in Faversham, being taught by the fantabulous Mrs Crane.  We did mini books, mark making (a skill on its own), journal pages, tags and cards.

It was a great two days, I learnt lots and laughed lots. Wierdly I was on the "Naughty Table", no idea why!!!!

So here is a collection of photos from the weekend, displaying the sheer lunacy of all involved LOL

extreme photobombing

serious artists

not so serious

we can do the pout too

sensible picture Day 1

Ta dah!

Day 2

and then here is my resulting art,some finished some in progress still





So I am really looking forward to the next Kate Crane visit down sarf!

Monday, 28 September 2015


A4 sheet of card plus Ken Oliver cloudbursts, which I love but boy do they make a mess, or is it just me!!  Loved the sheet so much that I didn't want to cut if up, so scanned it in, and then printed off ATC sized images of it and used them with some lovely new stamps I got off Ebay recently.

 I also scanned the back of the sheet as it had soaked through (told you, I made a mess) and then used some of it for Alice's apron, a Carabelle studio stamp.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Catch up ...

Bit of a photo heavy post, first two cards I made using my Ken Oliver backgrounds,


then I made a card for my mum, who reached the grand age of 80 this week, but doesn't act or look it.


and then card's for some of the men in my life


some JOFY inspired cards


and  then using some of my fave stamps "Stampotique"

Hope you enjoy, leave me a comment if you can, I love a comment!