Wednesday, 29 October 2008

well girlies this is my new stamp that i have been playing with, Ive lusted after it for quite a while, its from Hobbycraft, but I couldnt decide if it would be flexible enough for me and as it was £9 wanted to be sure, so glad i got it though its well nice, ATC are from the Chic series (get it!, LOL)top one is Rocker, then Mod then Ska, all available for swapping, will put then on trim site as well, anyway hope you are all well, speak soon Siobhan :)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Good evening to everyone of my loyal three followers, LOL, only joking.

Had a week off this week, thought I would have plenty of time to craft, but time disappeared as usual too quickly. Was gonna spend some time getting to grips with my CraftRobo and Design Master, but everywhere I looked for help I had to register which was taking forever so gave up, good news is decided to watch my Tim Holtz DVD and then play with some aluminium foil and alcohol inks instead, the results are up above, I was quite pleased with them, no I was really pleased with the results, the above are available if anyone would like to swap, just let me know.

So back to work on Monday, with a six day week and my manager off so I'll be in charge, nothing like a nice easy ride.LOL

Made my first christmas cards this week, for the Support our Soldiers appeal on Trimcraft, am not gonna make loads this year just for close family and friends, perhaps if I didnt have to work Id have time to make more.

Anyway Im gonna love you and leave you, have a great week.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Well hello all, hope you are all doing great I hope, writing this whilst watching J Ross and lusting after the gorgeous bad boy Colin Farrell, in fact finding it hard to concentrate on writing this at all, ok i'll stop and lust, back in a mo.......

Right I'm back now, Claudia Winklemans on, can listen don't need to watch. Had today off and after doing some housework to avoid feelings of guilt got the pva, acrylics, alcohol ink and glitter out had great fun, waiting for it all to dry then shall have a further play, though have to do garden tomorrow for the winter as its looking fairly tatty, so lots of chopping and pruning and then hopefully that will be it, except for when the leaves all fall off, then I shall have to tidy them up, I only do it once mind, wait until the last leaf drops.

Right heres a few more of my ATC's all available to swap,hope you like. Have a great weekend.