Saturday, 25 June 2011

Catch up time

Well what a couple of weeks, I've had ups and downs like you would not believe, and to top it all my mojo went walkabout.  So in frustration I spent last weekend making flat pack shelves for my craft area and I now have a desk instead of a dining table, now returned to it's rightful place in the kitchen.  The organisation of all my stash has taken me all week and some stuff has just been shoved into a box for me to contemplate another day, but it's looking very nice, if I say so myself.

My secondment finished this week so its back to branch on Monday, after a meeting with my Local Director, who doesn't like me, so I am really looking forward to that, NOT.  But on a brighter note I attended a class this week, run by Jo C-S (yes the one and only Jo Capper-Sandon) and it was brilliant, set in a lovely village hall with great views through the rain, and some lovely ladies who get to attend most of Jo's classes, (slight tinge of green there).  We made little houses, (kindly sawed by Mr C-S) using a master sheet and building up with stamps, as is typical of me I liked everyone elses efforts more than my own, here is mine before I took them home.....

and then after a bit more work, the finished article....

The class has really set my mojo going and Ive got some great ideas, also ordered some more of Jo's stamps as loved using them.  When I got home I was inspired enough to make a card for the FIL, it was his birthday that day, so slightly behind, but hopefully he will forgive me...

also made a birthday card for Rusty Cage, the week before, again it was late, (what am I like!!!)

oh and here is a picture of me with Jo, getting quite a collection of me with the Crafting Greats LOL,

Apologies to everyone re my non commenting, I have been looking at everyones posts but blasted blogger wont register my comments, some of them were really funny too, LOL.  Think I've got it sorted now, was told to untick the keep me signed in box, which seems to be working, but think I need to get Mozilla firefox as well, as have been using Windows explorer, which has loads of probs apparently.

Oh and final confession havent written on my calendar since 14th June, so a slight bit behind, shall have to try and remember all my interesting bits of life this pm, also have got Kate Cranes new DVD's and shall be watching them this pm.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

June has arrived, but where has the sun gone ! ! ! ! !

am sitting at home, freeeeeeeeeezing, have turned the heating on for an hour to take the chill of the house, that in itself is a luxury as it hasnt been working for blimmin' ages.  Life has been so so busy recently that I haven't been able to do any art for over two weeks, I've been sat at my craft desk surrounded by my lovely stash and been doing work work and more work non-stop, I've got some more to do after this little break as well.  So my first task when I had managed to find some time for me was to do my 365 Art journal June page, see Kate Cranes page for more details.

This page started off totally different in my mind and under the cream is an awful lot of invisible paint, things just didnt go according to plan, so I went for simple instead, coloured some cream card with distress stains and water and cut them up for the days, dont know if I will doodle around them or not, shall see how it develops, might add a bit more to the page over the month, but here it is for now.

And here is May finished, for peeps interested in my life check out the 27th, if you can read it LOL

Now I need to do a bit more work and need to think of an idea for my OH birthday card, its on Thursday, so really need to pull my finger out.