Sunday, 28 June 2009

More cards, and Ive still got more to make . . . . ho hum

This is a card for my in laws who celebrate 50 years of marriage next weekend. It didnt really get planned but just came about, I didnt want to do a traditional gold and white one, but it has got some gold in it. I coloured the image yesterday with my pro markers, (which mysteriously multiply at night time whilst I am asleep)!!! I sort of thought I could use the image if it went well and went with any paper that I had, anyway this paper came from a Flavia pad I had and I thought it went perfectly, so the card evolved, the white lettering was actually gold transfer letters but they didnt show up enough so I went over them with a white sakura gel pen.
For Pro Marker fans, there is a close up of my colouring efforts.
This weekend has been nice and chilled though I wwnt to the garden centre yesterday and bought some flowers which I potted up this morning, Im so glad I did them as they make the garden look tons better, I have however got red back and shoulders to show for my effort, ooopps.
So the rest of this week Ive got to make my sisters 50th card and also a mini book, (nothing like leaving it till the last minute), been thinking about it for months, but thats all just thinking, no actual action, though I think I have got a plan. She is going to Milan for her birthday with OH, so need to get in post Weds am at the latest or she wont get it in time to take with her.
Hope you all had chilled weekends as well, hate to ruin it, but back to work tomorrow, boo hoo.
Have a good one Siobhan, x

Friday, 26 June 2009

Brilliant blog candy

Have to put this on my blog to qualify but dont even think about applying its all mine, hahaha

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Graduation Card

was asked to do this for a friends son, really struggled till I found this paper, thinks its ok, defn not girly, haha. She must have liked it cos she's asked for another one now, but I really must do my sisters mini book for her 50th, so shall come off now and start being creative.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Male Birthday Cards

Had the OH and sons birthday the other week and was totally stymied what to do, so did the best I could with some images offline for my son, even managed not to notice son come into room and look at what I was doing before leaving rapidly, he realised it was his card (I blame it on the medication, LOL), and a bit of stamp painting for hubby, not convinced I havent used that stamp on him before though, oops. Managed to include his age on it using the cuttlebug numbers folder, which I thought was very clever. He looks good for 87, haha.

So I hope you like, as is normal saw some brilliant male cards in a mag the other day, (note to self - must remember to look through mags for some ideas next time).

The week before his birthday I was clippering my hubs hair for him, he has a no 1 all over and doesnt trust me to set it up so does it for me, grrr, so anyway picked clippers up without really thinking and removed black cover and started clipping, two seconds later,OMG, i had taken the number thingy off and shaved his hair off completely, typing this now am trying hard not to cry with laughter, at the time was so shocked and could just say sorry repeatedly as I shaved off the rest of his hair, luckily I thought he looked fine and he didnt lose his rag with me, phew. Of course I will never be trusted to touch the clippers again. LOL

Two other cards for you to look at one was a wedding card for a friend, I thought it was really sweet, I was practising making flowers as you can see, had made so many even added one to my dads fathers day card, he is nearly blind so he'll never know, LOL.

Warning have lots more flowers left, expect to see some flowery atc's in the future.

Oh and must admit that OCD for crafty things has overtaken me and I have ordered more promarkers, honestly they were a bargain. LOL

Hope your week has started off well for you all, speak soon Siobhan

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Carrrrs, who needs them. . . grrr

Just a quick moan for me crafty girlies, car went into shop yesterday for service and mot, got a lovely little corsa as a courtesy car, except it had really wierd indicators and driving home from work today I couldnt get them to come off, they would indicate either way and when i turned a corner both of them would come on, I was so embarassed the drivers following me must have been calling me some choice names, as I indicated one way and then just carried on gaily in a straight line, Tried everything, turned the engine off whilst at traffic lights, no change, kept pushing the lever, no change, kept turning the wheel when stationary to get them off automatically, still no change. Finally worked out that when I had been fiddling with air vent to get some cool air I had knocked the hazards on, but because it was so sunny couldnt see light that showed they were on, what a div, oops.
Anyway took car back and collected mine with a cost double the original estimate, aaarggh, thank god I bought the promarkers before I had to empty the bank account and the carpet money we'd been saving to pay for the car.
Speak again soon, Siobhan

My first promarker baby

Well here she is, isnt she beautiful, I am so proud I put so much work into making her, LOL

hope you like, have been doing lots of practising and obsessive purchasing of more promarkers, oops, will try and make some cards using promarkers soon.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

6 x 6 x 6 challenge

This is my sixth photo in my sixth album, its off the coppiced woods just a little way from my house, hope you like, Siobhan

Pro Markers

Urgent request to all my buddies need to find some tutorials on using these to the best effect, look forward to hearing from you all soon, will keep practising on myself though.

Also whilst on the search found this new blog The Artistic Stamper which also has some blog candy up for June, Well worth a visit for my grungier craft pals as it has some funky designs.

Hope you are all well, will post some cards I made soon, next project is a mini book for my sisters 50th and Ive got less than a month,think Ive got a theme now so just got to do lots of scanning of gorgeous 60's and 70's photos.

Keep well and keep on crafting. Luv and Hugs Siobhan