Thursday, 31 March 2011

All set for April

This month I am super prepared and have my April Calendar page all ready, so  here's a final look at March, and then a first look at my April page, which has a certain theme, see if you can guess it.

did you get it.....LOL

To see more examples and the leader of our gang, pop on over to The Katherine Wheel.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Card Making for a change

Bought this digi stamp for the MIL birthday card then was told my Uncle liked Kingfishers too, so two cards made in one.  It's very organised of me' as one birthday is late April and one is July, was also playing with my silhouette machine doing some cutting, so much money for it and used very rarely, so must use it more, I've bought a new cutting mat and gave the silhouette a wipe, covered in unknown stuff but may possibly have been a spiders WC, niiicccccccce.

So coloured in with pro-makers and silhouette shapes and DI used to try and add some depth, not overly happy with these, but hey ho, they'll do. LOL

The dancers card is for my ex BIL, who has got into dancing big time.

Belated thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes, had a meal out with the family on Tesco food vouchers, (god they are brill, only have to pay for the drinks), and got (ok chose myself) a Chamilla necklace and a new bead.

Been a bit of an up and down week, OH job is in jeopardy, seems we just start to recover from one thing and another things crops up, but we have been through it before so hopefully, we will weather it again.

Anyway hope you are all well have a nice weekend. I'm off for a girls night out tonight, gossip, food and alcohol, so better go and get ready, hope my polyfilla hasnt dried out LOL

Monday, 14 March 2011

Stampotique Challenge

The challenge over at Stampotique Challenge Blog is animals/insects and you dont have to use a Stampotique stamp, if you check the link out you can see some fab DT pieces of work, what a team to be on, free Stampotique stamps, (slumps into daydream, where I get sent all the newest products from everyone).   Reality check, Earth to Siobhan, plus to lose the pleasure of buying a few more new arty things and sneaking them in past the OH.  Have to admit I do love to shop.

So without further ado, my entry

Fell in love with this stamp at Ally Pally last year, it's just too cute, dontya think.  I'll be going on the Sunday this year, due to my friend arranging something else on the Saturday, whatever girlfriend, you so need to get your priorities right and a Zumba day is not no 1.  LOL.

Anyway, I am feeling more myself this week and will be heading back to work on Wednesday, so tempting to never go back,  love being able to do what I want, unfortunately Life and a mortgage dictate otherwise, LOL.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge 35

Wow this was a hard one,but determined to do it as it was the last technique in the book, so there I sat watching trash on the tv whilst sewing with a wire.

I decided it had to be a tag as per my previous efforts, but made it hard for myself by embossing and then mvoing all the shapes around into a different order, just because!!! The numbers indicate the challenge and the safety pin says Ideas, which was apt I thought.  I am pleased with the results of my hard work, but note to oneself, sewing with wire is possibly not your greatest moment. LOL.

For those that have missed this Phenomonon check out Linda's blog L3 Studio where all is explained,

Also for your delectations (sp) here is my mothers day card, using Tims new Sewing Room die, I decided to do it this week as I know Mothers day is always around my birthday, but dont know the actual date yet.

So if anyone can fill me in, muchos gracias.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm loving distress stains

Watched Tims's video on Scrap Time about using the distress stains and started playing with the selection I picked up when I met Tim the other month (oh did I not mention that already, LOL).  I started up buying 3 then went back and bought 2 more, as you do, now I want them all and I want them now.  Along with the last five DI pads and all of Paper Artsy new paints, all of Jo Capper Sandon stampotique range, more art parts and stamps from studio 490 and more of Tim's dies, gonna have to wait for them to be released though.  This week I have got the Sewing Room die and shall be using that for my mums mothers day card.

Anyway I digress from the demo, it was really good and really kicked my mojo off, tried to use some of my new stash as wll, so my first piece with my Sudio 490 stamps, I do love them, the stars are so cute and then got carried away dying trims with the DS.  Such fun I loved it...

Yesterday I was reading the Altered Inkers WOYWW entry, and noticed she has monkeys everywhere, so said I would post a picture of my solitary monkey on his chaise longue.  I love Nickys craft room I have stolen lots of ideas for my space from hers.  Just yesterday I bought another wire cake stand from homebase, half price at the moment, £4.99 a right bargain for anyone else who has been looking for them at a cheap price, not quite sure where but somewhere on her blog is a walk through video of her area starting at the door and the wire dress form on the door, (Ive got one of those too ..  isn't copying the sincerest form of flattery LOL), so for Nicky, heres Monkey

Just to let my mates know I am on the sick at the moment, came down big time from my brilliant Timmy time, came back to disaster areas at work and home and a heavy cold, so my body decided no more, it couldnt cope, so if I have sounded a bit pissed off with life, that is why.  Hopefully back to normal next week, or as close to normal as I ever can be. .  LOL..

My new crafty friends seemed to have nick named me McFly, something to do with a windscreen, a fly and a car crash, followed by my secret crush on the McFly guys, one of them made a fly   >!<    for me out of characters on the keybouard, LMAO.

How lush are they, yum yum....

Saturday, 5 March 2011

March Calendar Page

It's late I know, but I do have a good excuse, me thinks.  First February's finished page, check out the 25th, yup I took a square for the Lord our master to sign for me.

This is March in progress,
 followed by the finished page, predictably went for some nice spring colours in bands, added some texture and then stippled pearl paint through a Crafters Workshop stencil all over. Hope you like and I'll see you in 25 days.  For those that dont know follow the link to the Kathryn Wheel, leader of the calendar page challenge.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


it has been just ages since Ive managed to participate in this, but had to participate today, cos its more like "whats not on my desk this week"
the cleared space at the front is so I can get my laptop out, that mess was spread all the way up to the front of the table, LOL.  I have been busy finishing my configurations from the event of a lifetime last week, when I showed my OH, he asked if I had perhaps put too much in it, (heathen).  In the background is the new CS and underneath is all my stash from the event, which Im dying to play with but had to finish the configurations off first, here is a close up of the finished piece.

Have a happy wednesday everyone and for those that dont know what I am talking about pop over here to our fearless leaders blog.