Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Well here I am again, set the alarm to get up early hoping to get lower than position 100, ROFL, no I am only joking, still on holiday, and today we are going to Bluewater, so had to get up early.  Today my desk reflects that
I have my phone and tesco vouchers, we are treating the in laws to lunch today, a birthday card for in laws sister and in the background one for my mum, both are reaching a significant milestone, but I decided not to mention it on the cards, just to gloss over it, Im sure they will be grateful.  LOL.
Thanks to everyone for kind wishes re my mums op, glad to say spoke yesterday and she is recovering very well.  Also on my desk is my new crafting friend, can you spot him, I'll give you a clue, he is pink and wearing a fetching tin foil number, he also makes a lovely sound,  (hewww bu bu . . . ), yes you got it its a Clanger, got him yesterday from Past Times and he makes the sound, he is so sweet, originally going to give to OH, but love him too much so agreed to share him, we know what that means dont we, he is mine . . .  haha (evil laugh).
Eldest got results of GCSE's yesterday and came in with 2 x A, 7 x B amd 1 x C, so we are all very happy with him, might have to treat him.
Below are two close ups of the two cards for anyone who wants to look.  Right must run, got to harvest my crops before getting in the shower, have a lovely WOYWW.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Yes its Wednesday and if I dont do any other blogging all week I try my hardest to be part of this, it also makes me stop prevaricating and get on with things so I have something to post, Julie you have a lot to answer for LOL, heres the link for the beginning of WOYWW.

So this weeks am on hols with family, at home but out and about exploring the countryside, had a brill day yesterday, made our way down to Faversham and a shop I simply had to visit, yes it was a craft shop, Pickleberry Crafts, and I think I have found my second home, Katie and Jane were so welcoming making drinks for the OH and SS and keeping them amused whilst I shopped and diverted the OH when I paid.  I will defn be going back there, they do my kind of art and classes too, yee hah.

 Then went on to a local foodie market with lots of yummy produce, then heathens that we are went to MaccyD's for lunch. . .haha.  Anyway lets get on with it, here is my desk . . .
Now first of all you can tell Ive been to McD's as there is a handful of coffee stirrers, (very useful) and ketchup pots, (great for putting paint into, then you can throw away . .  not water though, leaked out over time, oops),  On the desk and the close up is my brothers birthday card, used brown paper bag from pickleberry, background was created by pressing used masks on whilst creating another background, which i ruined and is in bin, but liked this, stamp is from 3d Jean, so hope brother likes the card and his wife more importantly (a fellow crafter), we ring each other up for comments on the cards, LOL.

Quick update on the jewlellery box, I took the majority of opinions last week and outlined the circles, but that is all I have done since.  I think it works. . . dont you?
And finally, been to the charity shop again, on my desk got a little two shelfer, which my ink pad holder stands on and gives me a bit more room, and then right next to me got this brill video holder which is double sided and mounted on ball bearings, its excellent I love it and only £4.
So happy 63rd WOYWW and as I am off will try and get around as many as poss in the next couple of days.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

ASDA Bargains

You see here the results of a foray into the jewellery sale section at ASDA, that cost £5.50 for £52 worth of jewellery, the skull and heart-wings were earrings, I have been busy snipping off the unwanted posts and there are a few missing, they are on the floor somewhere, sure I will step on them barefoot and cry "Yippee Ive found them" . . . LOL.   The buttons were a necklace, and the rest of it was bits hanging off necklaces, I have already made a mould of the big wing and will be using that for my melt pot work, the pack of ribbons cost me £4 from TK Maxx, gawd I lurve that shop, could spend a fortune whilst saving a fortune, and they do craft stuff now, yee hah and yummy handbags.  On the same park is also Hobby Craft so it can be quite an expensive trip.

Only down bit of the day heavens opened on way back to car and got absolutely soaked, on the way back home had to drive through a flood on a bridge, how wierd, its a very high bridge and it isnt over a river!!!!

So on two weeks hols now so looking forward to chilling out and having some nice days out with my family, cross fingers for some improvement on the weather front.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Yay I'm back, well for this week at least, mum is at home recovering from hip op, which hopefully seems to have gone well, though she was a bit wierded out that they didnt do a general it was an epidural and and a local, now my mum hates the sight of blood so she must have absolutely hated that, all being well she'll be dancing in the aisles before too long.  I really missed having access to my craft space, but each day went really quickly, but I must admit I was so grateful to come home, the saying is true . . there is no place like home. . especially when that is where your craft stuff is, LOL

Well having been away I came back to not much mojo but had been prepping the jewelery box before I left so took up where I had left off, apart from that been OCD'ing on the organisation of my area, (so sad I know).  The box is not finished but getting there, colours totally changed but hey thats art for you.  Top and bottom are still just gessoed, not sure whether to just gloss them up to highlight other paint or to do . .  . well I dont really know, we'll see as it evolves.  On the drawers and the circles used Adirondack Pearl which just has a lovely glimmer to it.  So there we are, more work to do, now do I add black doodling around the circles etc, what do you think.  I really like it as is , but dont want to stop too soon or go to far, what do you all think.

For those who have no idea this is part of Whats on Your worktop Wednesday, go here to find the start.