Tuesday, 27 July 2010

See you all soon

I am now off the internet for a week or so whilst at my mum and dads, bad news not only no internet, no sky, no dishwasher and my dad expects cooked breakfast and dinner, aarrgghhh.  So just to keep you going in my absence, two birthday cards for my and OH brothers, they always end up with a variation on the same card, no I dont think thats mean, they will never know, LOL.  So this time played with some of Dyans yummy new inks, mounted up and embossed one of Tims stamps on the front.

Now last week I had a bit of a need for some ink so have added to my collections of tats, what do you think of them, cherry blossom on foot and a take on a Dark Dude on my forearm, was going to get stampotique, three heads in a round but couldnt find a good place to put it, yet!!!!  

Hope you all enjoy WOYWW tomorrow, if Im still down there next week might get to meet our great leader, cross fingers.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I am so late this week, was gonna do when I got home from work but my darling sons had used up the batteries in the camera but not put them on to recharge, grrrrr   . . .  and its only the beginning of the summer hols, gawd help me.

Now I wont be able to take part this coming week as my mum is having a hip op and Im going down to look after dad while she is in hospital, they have no internet access (aarrgghhhh), hope to be back by WOYWW 61, but it will depend on how things turn out, have had to take emergency leave from work, has to come out of my holidays, cheers work, forget about all those extra hours Ive given you.  I will be just outside Winchester, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for some great crafting shops, I will be eternally grateful, Spyder I know you are down that way.

Anyway onto this week, due to popular demand I have shown the stamps I got last week from 3d Jean, they are stamped in my stamp file, which is categorized and next to each stamp I write what box its in, that is a bit a**l, I know, but it works, and I can browse through when I am looking for inspiration.  In the background a lovely ATC from the lovely Rusty Cage and a card I have made for my boss's new daughter.

Also I have visited the sales this week and got a lovely top from Monsoon, also bought the pen pot and couldnt resist the sign, and an update on the jewellery box, paper not stuck in yet, but Im liking the look.

So I am off tomorrow so will be visiting as many as I can, will miss you all next week but am going to take laptop and learn some more about my Silhouette and Adobe Photoshop.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Superb blog candy

Through browsing through WOYWW found this excellent Tim Holtz Blog candy at The Stamp Man, pop on over to have a look here.


wow this is addicting, I get excited on a tuesday evening and try to make my desk look industrious and creative for when I come home from work to do the post.  Dont suppose I'm no 1 today, LOL

Thanks to everyone who visits and leaves a comment I love hearing from you all and try to get back to snoop at yours too, some peeps I cant seem to leave a comment so sorry about that.

This week I am altering a jewellery box I got in our local charity shop for £1.50, Ive only just started, Ive gesso'ed some of it and have pulled the nasty pink lining off, was sat last night trying to pick off the remains of it, got the wardrobe side done and one of the drawers, doesnt come off easily, grrrr.
Sat and watched BB whilst doing it, anyone else watching, I've watched all the others so in for a penny in for a pound, I've got a strange thing for John James for those in the know!!!  In my minds eye I have a great vision for this piece, luxurious inside and journal effect painting on the outside, whether it will turn out like that is another thing, LOL.

Also on the desk my order from 3d jeans arrived today some alcohol ink and two u/m rubber stamps, that are cute but quirky.

Spot the pride of place Kathryn Wheel ATC, have sent her one of these below and the other is for the lovely Julia, to thank her for my easel.

Happy WOYWW'ing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to see more about this go here

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

woyww 57

Well what can I show you this week, for a start I havent re-organised my craft space I have actually done some crafting, finished off my sisters birthday card ( it was yesterday) only put it in post today, why is it so hard to find somewhere that sells the large stamps, grrrrrrr  She'll never know (LOL), sent her a piccie of it and she was dead chuffed, (phew), also did journal page and made the ma in laws birthday card, both of these are in main view of desk photo.

Thank you to everyone for all their kind comments on my workspace and the sad demise of card shop, it is quite irritating as only local shop to do Tim Holtz and ranger stuff, and they had the most phenomonal sales, well worth getting out of bed early for, now I have to buy online which of course I dont mind, but always feel as paying postage need to spend more to make it worth the while!!!! (crafty logic).

Im sorry to everyone I dont get to see each week, but am trying to work my way aound everyones posts, but no way can do 90+ blogs, as Im too nosey and end up looking at everything else as well, so Im doing  20 or so a week, depending on time.

Also in photo is my altered WOYWW easel, see I have been busy this week, think it might be a wee bit dark but had great fun doing it, also on desk are the new inks from Dyan at Art from the Heart, would highly reccomend they are luscious, in fact used them on journal page background.
Photo's all taken last night as had to work today, I know its such a cheek isnt it, dont my employers realise its WOYWW, and Im needed elsewhere,  LOL

Have a good one everyone and thanks you for visiting......

Oops nearly forgot link, here it is WOYWW

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Journal Backgrounds

Enjoyed doing this, using lots of Kate Cranes techniques, check her out here,  just cant quite think of the journalling yet, gotta be something along the lines of when one door closes another one opens, but that is as far as the brain cells have got . . . I'm loving my sequin waste, perhaps a wee bit overboard on it, but hey ho, also used my new Eco Green Crafts paints, got 5 from the craft barn and they are  really yumptions to use.
Am really proud of this one, love the colouring and have drawn in the lines using my wavy ruler, all ready for the journalling, again thats as far as the brain cells have got again, its the heat I reckon, moves all thoughts apart from "HOT" from my brain.This one has words on, what a miracle, not many mind, but better than nought, LOL, love the model picture, have had it for ages waiting for it to be stuck somewhere.
This one just evolved from me mucking about, first made a quilt of colours from my DI pads, just pressed on, then added water and let it run around, then added loads of pics, added some of Dyans letters, then doodled away, found it quite hard to stop myself, kept seeing more bits I could do.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, got Dyans new InkSprays yesterday so gonna play with them later on.