Sunday, 17 April 2011

So I have just had the busiest week in a long time and havent had a moment to even look for my mojo let alone use it.  So yesterday I looked at some of my new play things and decided to make a card as I need quite a few new ones for girlies in May.

I added fresco paint to the base card and added some stamps for background, cuttlebug'd a tag and added Inka gold to highlight, used some DS and water on a craft mat picked up onto some card and then stamped the image over it, cut out.  Then I searched for the bottle caps I knew I had somewhere, used my new texture hammer to flatten them out then added a stamped image from Tim's Haberdashery collection (I ummed and ahhed about buying this set, but am really glad I gave into the shopping devil on my shoulder) LOL.

I have got another busy week ahead but am really enjoying my job, which makes a change, its so tiring though as its travelling to London everyday, my poor calf muscles have finally remembered why they are there.

So have a good week everyone, I am finding time to blog hop in the week so keep it coming. mwah  :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Forced to shop until I dropped......

LMAO  :)

yes today was Ally Pally day, so missed not going yesterday, but Sunday is so much quieter, we actually left early,
a) because my feet hurt
b) we had done it all, and
c) I'd run out of money LOL

SO as requested I have taken some pictures of my day and then some photos of the stash trawl, my good friend Sue manage to spend only £20, gawd knows how, she is far too restrained I feel I must buy more to make up for her, (tee hee)

Anyway, first we hit LB Crafts to see  Lin and Sweet Pea, Karen and Mark. Lin made me a great demo tag using fresco paints which I have been desperate to get and today I got some, MWAH ha ha

oops forgot to get a piccie of Sweet Pea, now I do have a stunning video of her from Artsy crafty, but not quite sure how to load it, have no fear though sweet pea, it will appear on here one day..

Also managed to catch up with Minxy,  I accosted her to see her tattoo, its the Gorjuss Guardian Angel, such a great image, (peeking out from under her sleeve) then asked if she was Minxy and yay she was, so we had a photo taken together

then took some photos of Hels (Sheridan) demoing, she was very popular though so only managed a quick hello with her, apparently she hates having her piccie taken, but I think this is a nice one, hope she agrees..

Now for my overseas readers, some pictures taken from Ally Pally over London, one of the view, a bit hazy but that is Canary Wharf etc in the background

then a shot to show how high up we were
I have been going to Ally Pally for about 6 years now and it is always a fab weather, so If you fancy getting married in April, pick the weekend of the Stamping show, hmmm now Ive said that Ive jinxed it for next year. 

Now what you have all been waiting for my purchases, I got all the rest of the Distress stains, cos I love them so, some more DI's,only 2 more to go and Ive completed the set, In the background is the tag Lin made for me, and I was very good and only got 5 of the paints,they are so lush, highly recommend them, the texture hammer and a brill huge stencilling brush and pens for my silhouette

Next up is the stamps I bought, I ummed and ahhed about buying the Tim sewing set but I do so love that dress form, the Bo bunny ones were in the sale and I thought they would be great for backgrounds to add texture

Some more of those frames from my last post, lots of new stencils, modelling film, mask sheets and some humongous tags, stickers for bottle caps, which Lin demoed for me.

And finally some tools, adornements and metal yummies.

So I now have enough stash to make some gorgeous art, not much time this week as going to be working full time in London, so probably just sleeping and working this week, but next weekend it will be time to play.

have a great week everyone, mwah.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

altered frame

Got these frames from the Artsy Craft event, and I was looking around for something different to do and they came to hand.  I had just got my first ever set of Dylussions Acrylic Paints and wanted to have a play with them, so first of all I took out my sticky back canvas, I've had it for over two years now and never used it. I loved it though so shall be thinking of more ways to use it. I applied gesso then some random patches of acrylic paint, which I stamped over with a paper artsy alphabet stamps, then I used bottle lids to add circles , some dylussion inks sprayed over and then through a stencil.  Then I cherry picked my three fave bits to make into mini canvanses for the frames.

As I had used three paints for the canvas I decided to paint each frame in a different colour and then applied white acrylic with a dry brush  to create a weathered look.

Once the frames were complete I decided they needed to have some foreground added, so stamped two of my long time fave stamps from Stamps Happen, coloured in with pro markers, carefully cut out and then added matte accents to make them more sturdy, attached to the frame with multi medium and added some metal accents to bring it all together.

ta dah............
and finally some close ups..

So a wee bit excited at the moment as its Ally Pally at the weekend and I'm so looking forward to it, Im going on the Sunday and Ive got a wish list as long as my arm and my leg, LOL.  Just my purse isnt long enough, but I'll do my best and I'll be back to show you my haul as soon as I can.

I've been seconded to a new role on Monday so dont know what spare time I'm going to end up with, as I've had to go full time for it and will be driving to all different branches over Kent, so will definetely be interesting, and an opportunty not to be missed.  It's also quite timely as my OH has been made redundant, so all extra money will be welcome, he insisted I went to Ally pally though as I have been saving for it, with my birthday money etc, I didn't resist for too long as it may be the last splurge for a while, plus he probably had an ulterior motive as he has got tickets to see Rush in May at the O2, he is going on himself cos I couldnt think of anything worse than sitting through all that row LOL, we have very different tastes in music, but do have a few things we both like, like Linkin Park. I dont think that is mean do you!!!