Sunday, 30 August 2009

New Look

It's Rusty's fault, she had a new background and I was feeling hormonal, so went and changed mine as well, visit this site she has some great free backgounds, not all dark and gothic like mine, Haha

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Passion for Pro Markers weekly challenge

This weeks challenge at PfP was to use the colours Lilac, Lavender, Amethyst and Aubergine, so I went online searching for some new images and fell in love with this one from Pollycraft

and here's a couple of close ups, so enjoy. Have put large photos on as people have said they cant click on them to look closer, have no idea what I have done wrong!!!!!! Lava Lamp :)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Why can't we just leave things as they are . . .

Ive now ended up playing further with the two canvases I have previously put on here, my handbag queen canvas looked a bit disjointed so I decided to add a scarf to hide the fact my head was floating in space, LOL. I used a curved upholstery needle to get it through the canvas, as the back was covered by wood except for a tiny square in the middle.

With peek a boo I had some feedback that it was hard to see so decided to try and lighten it up a bit with some white doodling, only stopped playing with it cos it was bedtime, but that was probably for the best, or I could have changed it beyond all recognition.

For followers of the manager saga, head problem still there, might be getting worse, oh what a joy it is to go to work.

Cya l8r

Monday, 17 August 2009

Had great fun playing yesterday . . .

. . . so yesterday was last day of holiday so decided to craft all day. Played with my new spinart machine, and then had a brilliant (if I say so myself) idea, had these mini canvases for ages so decided to try one on it with alcohol inks, well I think it worked really well, see image

thenI couldnt decide whether to leave it as it was or add to it, so off course I added to it, first I tried to stamp straight onto it, but that didnt work, so I used some tissue and some beeswax to put my sprite image on, and for some reason the word Peek, worked ok, not brilliant though, Peek didnt show up very well, so went and had lunch to mull it over. . .

was gonna put a Gorjuss girl in middle to hide tissue ends, but too cutesy, decided it was defn going to be Peek a boo, so looked for funky letters to do this with, (I was trying really hard to be a creative artist, LOL), then just before I stuck them down decided to highlight Moon by paper piercing on holographic card, I liked this cos it highlighted the image more

finally decided wanted to add something metallic to it, but couldnt find anything to work or if I did couldnt work out how to attach it, decided on this alluminium heart which I put in the spinner to add some colour too (clever Huh!) and stamped with a hero arts image and then stuck it on the bottom, had to do quite a bit of work on Peek as it wasnt showing and somehow half the K disapeared so added some crinkle wire for the missing part. . . et so voila . . . creative art by me.

I am pleased with it because I created it myself, used some ideas from other people's work but the finished idea was all me, so it will be taking pride of place on my wall, when I work out how to hang it, LOL. . .

ps work was not too bad today, unfortunately, in my absence manager has not been able to get rid of his head affliction (dick) get it, LOL

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Holiday Crafting

So in the holidays finally manged to get my sisters mini book started, decided to use Basic Grey Phoebe as my background papers, so backed all the pages, printed all the photos out to the right size, started doing it, front cover first, which I was quite proud of then two pages inside, which also went well, then got bored, so put it back on the shelf before I rushed it and made a mess of it.
Also bought a paint spinner yesterday, brilliant article on this in Craft Stamper September 2009 issue, my good crafty friend Rusty saved me spending money on one in ELC as not battery operated and you need the speed. Argos didnt do them or Sussex Stationers or Hobby Craft, Rusty had told me Toys r us do them, but thats a fair old drive, luckily toy shop in centre had one, and just to make it better it was half price, £5 (woop woop).
So had a little play, first pic is from the paints it came with, then I moved onto alcohol inks, think I may get addicted to this.

cant wait to use some for backgrounds and cards, still got all day tomorrow to play.

Reality hits . . . its back to work Monday . . .

Computer . . . but I still have a day and a half before then, so desperately trying to do lots of yummy craft things before work steals 8 hours out of every day.

So here we are, quick holiday update, spent a couple of days in Hampshire with parents, first day on Wittering beach, I love the sea, it was windy but bright, so 10 days later still peeling from that foray into the sun, ooopps. Also went to St Marys Bay, Kent no problem their with sunshine, didnt appear all day LOL, plus tide was so high couldnt hardly even see the sand, however we are british so spent 4 hours there, with one long chilly dip in the sea, tide only began to go out when we had changed, so we went for a stroll.

Our best day was a trip to London, had ordered meal vouchers from Tesco, really good value each £5 got £20 worth of food vouchers for Planet Hollywood, long wait for them though, 13 days, so order well in advance. Drove up their as rail fares were over £80 to get to mainline station, whereas parking in central london was max £31 per day in NCP, £8 congestion charge and some petrol, so much better deal and less stressful. Visited British Museum, too hot and too crowded, . . . . they were stacked two deep !!!!! LOL

lots of lovely specialist shops around museum like comics, coins, whiskey and off course Blade Crafts, managed to lose boys and had a quiet mooch in their, started off being good but then thought what the hell, I wont get up here again for a while, so went mad, yee hah. Used to work and live in this area, hadn't found craft then more into clubs and boys. Took picture from street I lived on, British Museum is to the right and two buildings with rounded roof bits are the hotels I used to work in. Area wasnt quite so hip and trendy then it has too be said.

Bus to Trafalgar Square, waved to person on Plinth and he waved back, Planet Hollywood which the boys loved, though the food wasnt the best, the desserts however were magnificent. Then walked to Covent Garden and Seven Dials, which eldest really enjoyed as had all the "names" up their, final stop was Forbidden Planet, boys shop full of stuff!!! including this man . .
he had a brass pyramid on his head, !!!!!!!!!!

We did do other thinbgs but the brain is going and I cant remember plus dont want too bore you too much, LOL, just gonna try adding some photo's.