Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas . . . hic

A taste of christmas at my house, I was a lazy naughty crafter this year and did not send christmas cards to all my new crafty friends, I have been shamed by the number I have received from you all. Wishing you all a jolly and happy holiday,

Lots of love to you all Siobhan <:

ps this is the best photo that shows the taste of christmas in my house, and its all mine, Yee hah hah!!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pinks New Video

hiya all, am attempting another link, will delete this if it doesn't work, LOL

This is Pink's new video which I think is great, hope you enjoy!

right gonna give up, asked 15 year old and he couldnt even help me, GRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Playing with Metal

This is my first attempt using my new stash from Ten Second Studio, bought a book and decided this time to actually follow the instructions, rather that just go off on a tangent and wonder why its all gone wrong. I am really pleased with this sign I have made for my craft area, had a bit of a problem with the puffing, as once I did that all the detail had disappeared, so had to re do the detail, which didn't help with the look of the puffing, but for a first go I am really pleased. I think my house might soon be covered in my metal effect work, LOL.

Bought all my stash from LB Crafts, a lovely shop full of loverley craftey stuff, aah bliss,

think I have managed a link, will I never stop amazing myself., have to edit as I ahvent amazed myself, link isnt there, boo hoo, try going to lbcrafts.co.uk, LOL

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas is coming . . . . .

Hello all, sorry its been a while but the dreaded christmas cards needed doing, once started I couldnt stop because I would never go back to them, come to hate doing xmas cards which is silly really, being a crafter and cardmaker, but ATC's are what I enjoy and I felt cheated not being able to do what I wanted.
It is that time of year though isn't it when crafting has to take a back seat cos there's so much to do, haven't bought the kids any presents yet and OH is starting to get panicky, so on the net tonight doing some ordering for them and then off to the shops tomorrow for the rest of the stuff. My xmas present has been ordered and delivered, it's a melting pot, I can't wait for xmas so that I can have a play with it.
I've also been buying up the Ten Second Studio stuff for metal work from LB Crafts, its been my reward to me for making xmas cards, LOL, and am in the midst of my first go at it, will post on here when I've finished.
Attached are two ATC's I made this week using some images from the net, hope you like them, speak again soon, Siobhan :)

oh going back to the title, house opposite has put their xmas decs up, they dont tend to use the less is more maxim on the decorating. We have a giant blow up Tigger and Bart Simpson (up to the upstairs windows), lights galore, a life size father xmas that turns it's head and watches you as you go past, creepy, and the worst of all a musical decoration that they forget to turn off at nightime, now I am no baah humbug I love the decs, but this is so over the top it's laughable, they actually tried to sell it one year over xmas, didn't sell funnily enough, Ah well enough now, I'm off to pop Tigger under cover of darkness, hehehehe