Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bah humbug !!!!!

Yes its halloween, but all this trick and treating is an american tradition, not ours, I think its just another con by the retailers to make us buy lots of tut, bah humbug.


How miserable am I........     :(

Anyway, busy busy week, am on a bank course next week and have a ton of things to learn before I attend, they make you do a test as soon as you arrive and if you fail you are sent home, how embarrasing, so am working really hard to avoid that scenario. Also dreading the travelling as it is in  the City for three days, so I've got to be up at the crack of dawn each day to get there. So will definitely be AWOL next week, unless of course the embarrassing scenario happens, (please god noooooooooooooooooo)

This week I have done some more purchasing, its Dyan's fault who did a link to some great new digi images, by The Octopode Factory, I couldnt resist and bought the Alice inWonderland set, decided to do a journal page, trying some new techniques, like the edging, how hard is it to get a black pen to work over acrylics, think I killed my black sharpie, ended up using a uni ball which flowed lovely,what pen does everyone else use?

I am pleased with the result the sort of grungey pastel effect, have even put it as my background image on my mobly, its my own personal art gallery, haha

Anyway wishing you all a brilliant week and cross your fingers for me on Wednesday.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Pink Ribbon Warrior Woman

Yesterday I had a great day at Pickleberry Crafts with my friend Sue and the lovely owner Kate, first things first, sarnie in the fridge then straight onto the shopping, I uhmed and ahhed over the Stampotique stamps, so having put them in my basket, I decided to think about it whilst playing in the studio, had a great time playing with all Tim's dies and was able to decide which ones I would want and I have to admit tattered Florals is a must.  Then onto the shopping, I even put some of the stamps back then thought oh what the hell and bought all the ones I had picked, and a few other things  :)

Now I've finished my entry for Craft Stamper, so can get on with other things and the Pink Ribbon Warrior Women blog hop was one of the things I had on my list, decided to use some of my new stamps and will be adding it to the Flickr site, it is in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month and also has the lovely Sherry Goodloe as a focus, whom I have been following recently through WOYWW, who is braving her own battle against the Big C at the moment, to find out more click on the links, here however is my entry

Have really enjoyed doing this and enjoyed my week off, tomoz Im off to see the S-I-L another crafter so may have to pop into her local shops, and of course it would only be polite to make some small purchase, LOL.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Happy Wednesday everyone, well not for people trying to join in at 5pm for two hours, they are disabling upload photos for maintenance, what are they thinking about its WOYWW, dont they know what they are doing, millions of (hundreds ok then tens of) crafters will be trying to put their post up, whats wrong with the middle of the night . . . doh.

OK rant over, I would now like to submit my desk for inspection, ta da . .. . .
and its taken today,as I am off for the week, am loving it, trying to finish my entry for Craft Stamper and then found Ive got to write something as well, aarrggghhh, anyway this desk shows me ignoring the dealine fast approaching and doing a new journal page, its to be happier than the one in the post below (yesterday), but I might have gonna a bit bright and need to knock it back a bit, here is a close up, with a flash to show glittery pen, (im no fool).......

And also I have been doing some spending this week, and this is a photo of my purchase from TK Maxx, I think Minxy has one on her door, and I decided if Minxy can have one then so can I, gonna make it an art display, copying Minxy again, love you Minxy hope you are feeling better.

Now I have been having a wardrobe clearout this week and found a beautiful dress of mine, simular size to this, that I used to fit in,  boohoooooooooo, why cant I be slim again, nurse at GPs makes it all sound so simple to lose weight, but it s not, every morning I wake up positive and by lunchtime its all fell by the wayside and I grab whatever I can to eat with no thought for goodness or badness.  I even used this to photograph some dresses Im gonna sell on ebay, (very clever of me if I say so myself), they looked good, unlike what they look like on me, thats if I could get into them, double grrrrrrrrrrrr.

So anyway went to ASDA clothing this week and got some great jewellery bargains for altering (see post below) and bought some bra's cheap, whoop whoop mine are normally £20+ and some trousers, now Im thinking I bought them because I could do them up rather than for the style factor, so as Im going into Maidstone today shall see if  I can get something a bit more stylish, though we have to face facts girls, you cant dress up a sows purse (or something like that).  I am however quite cheerful about it,  A) because Im spending money and B) because thats all Ive got to work with for the moment.

However I am meeting the great Tim next Feb ( just to remind you all) and I think he deserves to meet a slimmer me, so I shall see what I can do, watch this space.

And finally, for those that have asked about my ink pad storage, it was another Charity shop find and I think it must have been a cassette holder, but it is ideal for ink pads and for DI's there is space for your cut n dry as well.

Right sorry its only been a quick one this week, LOL, enjoy and dont forget your linky no.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's catch up time, or TALOT

TALOT = take a look on tuesday, its one and only appearance LOL

So some bits and pieces to show you, first of all just had to sign a permission form for my youngest to attend an open evening tonight, nothing like advance planning
now do you think the new strict headmaster will be amused, considering his latest edict is that male and female pupils must never be closer together than 12 inches , WTF    :)

Now I have some purchases to show you, I've been to ASDA again and got some bargains in the jewellery sale, they were on necklaces and cost me £2 each

Now dont they look lush, I bought three of them and am thinking maybe some alcohol ink, some utee, paint, wax, gonna try and take a mould to see if I can replicate in UTEE, dont you love the art scarred table , its the dining table , oooops

Now for my next bargain, it was a sewing box with loads of sewing items in it all for £5, but my beady eye thought I could come up with a much better use for it, so ta dah "metal accessory storage"



each tray detaches for access and each division within is kept separate, the lid area can take slightly larger pieces and take that out and there is room for three little tins with more metal accessories, brilliant dont you think, now I really  must start to use some of them.

And finally a journal page I did a couple of weeks ago, at the start of a depression, dont you hate them, all self pity and self loathing, but am out of it now, thankfully, so it was definitely a feeling sorry for myself, once I've done this post am gonna do another one with a more positive note

which you might see tomorrow on WOYWW.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello peeps, hope you didnt miss me too much last week, we had internet issues, like no access.  My OH was like a caged lion and spent virtually two days on the phone to the phone company and the internet provider, trying to get it sorted out.  I just got on with other things, though I did miss taking part in WOYWW.

My desk this week is just a mess of things, I have been trying to finish up Stampotique Street, so if you are canny you can have some sneak peeks of WIP.  And I have been painting my IKEA cabinet, we only got it ten years ago, so didnt take me long to get around to it, LOL

Anyway short one this week as I am so behind, dont forget your linky no if you leave a comment and I will try to do the visiting tomoz.  happy Woyww