Thursday, 20 November 2008

Blog Candy

hiya peeps, in honour of my new follower, I am attempting to post a link to their blog where there is some great blog candy available, so hop on over and say hello. link is

Hope it works, fingers crossed

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Jam Sandwich swap thingymajig !!!!

Along with Flippin Pest and RustyCage, who invented the afore mentioned swap, we had to all think of a theme, then each of us had to make one of each theme for each of the other participants, we even arranged to post them all on the same day, original end date was mid Dec, but once we started there was no stopping us. Cambridge post office came out on tops as got them the next day even with a 2nd class stamp, kent and scotland lagged behind by one day. But now we have all got them we can post them for all to see and comment on. Rusty came up with Diamonds,which I really struggled with, I chose letters which in which i had great fun with newspapers, pva and chipboard, Flippin Pest chose Shakespeare which involved a bit of googling, printed off loads of different images and hardly used any of them, but there we go, can always use them another day, anyway hope you enjoy looking at these, if you go on Rusty and Flippin Pests sites you can check out theirs (links to the left).

Monday, 10 November 2008

Some new work

Hi everyone, well here I am again, had a busy week last week making atc's for a swap I'm involved in with Rusty & Flippin Pest, it was great fun and we are sending them out to each other this week, then we will be able to load them up for all to see. But now thats finished I could have a play with some of my new crafting goodies, I treated myself to some new stamps from Artist Trading Post and some metal relief stuff from LB Crafts, treat is a wierd word cos I tend to buy something at least once if not twice a week, but arent we all the same, quite happy not to spend my money on anything else as long as I can buy paper and things I am a happy bunny.

Hope you like what you see, all are available to trade, I'll put them on my flickr album, just contact me if you would like to trade any.

This week just gone I was lucky enough to be nominated by MayJay and June Mac for a fave blog award, my first I was very chuffed, between the two of them they have nominated virtually all the blogs I know, so unable to pass on at the moment, until Ive done some more exploring. Oh and a quick sorry to all, that the page keeps on changing, but I am learning more all the time.

Right rest of this week is dedicated to making my christmas cards so they are done and out of the way, hope you are all OK, speak later, Siobhan

Sunday, 2 November 2008

hello all my friends, hope your weekend is going well, I worked yesterday till 3.30, then got home and decided to tidy up and move around my craft area, two reasons, most of my stuff is up against the radiator, so A, no heat in room and B, all craft stuff getting heated up. not the best idea in the world.
So now sitting in warm and tidy craft area, yee hah, I made these ATC this week I was playing about with glimmer mists and timholtz letter masks, I'm really pleased with them, they are available for swapping if I can let go, Autumn is my fave, whats yours!!!
Right time for lunch then creative time after lunch, speak soon, Siobhan :)