Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Kate Crane @ The Artistic Stamper

Had a the most brilliant weekend, Kate Crane (she of painty, inky, quirky, whimsical fame)  returned to The Artistic Stamper to teach us sarf' england peeps how to rock it Crane Style.

It was a three day weekend, with a class squeezed in on Friday for those who had missed out on the weekend classes, I unfortunately had to work, but come Saturday I was ready to party.

Day 1, we made altered matchboxes and Day 2 we learnt to draw and paint whimsical characters.

The rules of the weekend were no moaning but at times as Kate pushed us past our comfort zones, it was hard to stick to the rules. The room went silent as we all concentrated hard on the new techniques. I tried to take lot of photos during the day at different stages, also tried to take some selfies, definitely need some practice on that.
 spraying ink

 my attempts 

 with added gesso

 me and Angie Coomber
                                                                                       before she added gesso to me

 making mini books

 inner book and case

 my table mates

 finished boxes

 lunch by Jennie & Mal, yum yum

 The A Team

 The B team

 Day 1 Team photo

 block out and draw features

 then paint over them !!

 add shading

 keep going

 shading done

 my gothic babe with
                                                                                     black lipstick and tattoo's

 adding extras

 Take 1

 Take 2

Angie & me

 Take 3

revenge is sweet Kate xx

 Kate's template

 Minions string

 Donna's string

 Kate & Jennie

 my spoon lady

 and shy gothic lady
 Day 2 team photo

Had the most brilliant weekend, (we want you back Kate, soon)
. Made new friends, met old blog friends,  learnt new skills and was told I was mad as a box of frogs!! (compliment!!)

Thank you everyone for making this weekend so great, and especially, Kate, Jennie & Mal.

Love you all x