Saturday, 22 October 2011

FACT: - Mess is good for you

This week I took a picture for WOYWW, but didnt have a chance to load it, this working full time lark is not all its cracked up to be, no time to do anything else.

So my desk has looked like this since Tuesday, but I actually liked working in a mess, finding more and more things to use and not putting them back, (so not me). I think it gave me a lovely feeling of creativity and freedom, and it seemed the mojo  flowed out of me easier this way, normally I sit and stare at a tidy desk and feel I have to force it out sometimes, so today I sat down to finish off the large tag you can see here, I did really enjoy making it, I stole an idea of Kaz's re the jump rings and the glossy accents, all credit to you Kaz brilliant idea. So here is my tag with flash and without, couldnt decided which showed it off better so here are both photo's for you to see.....


And finally a card that I made for my sister in law, love this stamp just got it recently, and I just love the detail it has, so I just used it very simply with one of Dina's fab stamps.

Tomorrow I have to unearth my winter shoes as flip flops are getting a wee bit chilly, especially in the morning, (bye bye summer see you next year), even put the heating on today, but I, also hoping to mess the desk up again, yes I must admit I tided it up after the tag was done, soz, have a good one everyone. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

October 2011 calendar page . . .

. . .  at last I have done it a personal record to be 9 days behind, on this challenge, time is so hard to find now but I am determined to make it to the end of the year.  This month the background was finger painted with acrylics, I wanted to get the effect of a autumn dusk and then to add the halloween images. So without delay ta dah . . .

and Septembers page completed.

 to see more pages check out Kate's blog The Kathryn Wheel

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Taylor is 18

Quick post showing my lovely son Taylor's 18, that I made for his 18th (funny that . . aye), the paper is from his many purchases online from All Saints, (basically if its not from there its just not hip, LOL) its a lovely scripted paper so may have to steal some more for some other art.  Tried to keep it quite simple as he is a very picky boy and I 'm hoping they may stay on display in his bedroom.

here's a little piccie of my little man on his eighteenth, LOL

and here is on his first, (awwww)

much as I moan about my kids, they are both lovely children/men and I am proud of them really.