Thursday, 30 July 2009

Arty Farty

Saw this article in "Simply Cards & Papercraft", issue 61 by one of my faves, Dyan from Blonde Moments, on Beeswax, which I had just begun to play with. Loved the look of the mini canvas, so ignored the advanced tag and away I went.

Luckily I already had the teacup images and wings from Lisa's Altered Art, so having picked the cup, my colour scheme was also chosen. Started with the acrylic paint background, to which I then added Glimmer mist to create a nice shimmer, an inspired addition by me, or so I thought, add beeswax and heat and funny orangey colour appeared, oops.

One of the hardest things was finding a front shot of my face, but bit the bullet and just used one from my birthday this year, dont have many photos of me, as Im always upset that I dont look like I think I should, Ive got a "scewed" mentality what can I say.

Decided to use one of tim H's stamps and then had a hunt through all my metal accesories, had to go for the handbag, asI am a bit of a handbag queen, hence the crown, with bling!!!, also had to have Altered for my word, as I aspire to become more of an altered artist. Dont have a lot of time for that at the mo', but keep stash buying for when I do have. LOL.

I really enjoyed this and am fairly proud of the result, beeswax got a bit thick at time and I found it hard to sort that out, also had problems getting things to stay stuck down, perhaps I should have started on the beginners project, haha.

Anyway hope you enjoy it, have got one more day at work then two week holiday, not going anywhere, but just not to work will be bliss. Have arranged one day going into London, (rail fare will cost a fortune), to see the British Museum, havent mentioned the very handy craft shop near there yet (LOL), lunch at Planet Hollywood (cashed my tesco tokens in for that treat) and then off to Covent Garden, will be going to Hampshire to see my parents, always go to the beach from there, so pray for sunshine, ignore those party poopers the weather men. All in all looking forward to chiling with my family and discovering an enjoyment in being a family, that has been missing at times this year.

Right signing off now, ta ra, Siobhan

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Passion for Pro Markers weekly challenge

still enjoying playing with these, this weeks colours were Lime Green and Rose Pink, and here is my attempt . . .
. . . and the close up . . .

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cosmo Cricket

check out this posting, I thought it was so funny and clever and the rest of the blog is pretty fantastic and inspirational as well.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cards & more cards

So another week making cards, two male cards for bruv and bruv in laws birthdays, my ma in laws birthday card which was very hurriedly made the night before, as her son was going to make it but didnt get around to it, and is not my finest moment, she liked it though, phew, and then a card a friend had asked me to make for her,which she loved as well so phew again. Male cards made using some of the techniques I learnt at my Tim Holtz style workshop, dont suppose they will appreciate the fine work, but what can you do , Ho Hum.
Had the day off today for working saturday and have got tomorrow off as it is youngests last day at Junior school, finally they are both on their way to becoming independant, I get my life back, wah hey!!!! :) ;), spent today looking at work that needs doing and managed to only do some washing, perhaps tomorrow, ho hum, it will still be there, especially the filthy bathroom.

Instead i sat and watched Torchwood from last week, it was excellent and really good tv show, what a shame they are not going to make anymore, credit crunch sure has some things to answer for, managed to tidy up craft area (room, its spreading, LOL).

Yesterday (weds) was supposed to be my last day until the 17/8, as I have Jury service and followed straight away by family holiday, but my jury service has now been deferred to start thursday, so ho hum gotta go to work, M, T, W. Its my third time doing jury service which i think is as many as you have to do, so its the last one I will have to do.
Hope you all have a great weekend Im at a 50th weddinbg anniversary on saturday for the in laws and then sunday recovering. Speak to you all again soon, Siobhan :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Passion for Promarkers Challenge

My new "thing" at the mo is promarkers, so thought I would have a go at a challenge, they specify the colours to be used and this time also made a sketch to follow, so once I'd got an image I was happy with I spent last night pulling it together with the sketch.

I was very happy with it, until I checked out how to enter, all the PFP designers do a version themselves, and I have used the same stamp as one of the designers, and of course with specified colours and sketch, they look pretty similar, obviously designers is better than mine, oh well, ho hum, shall still enter., its all a good experience. So let me know what you think.
A close up for those who would like a close up look at the colouring!
Now all Ive got to do is link it in a comment box, not sure how to do that!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Tim Holtz technique day

Today I spent 7 hours at The Card Studio in Maidstone, playing with inks and making a lot of mess. Jayne Harrow who owns the Card Studio designed this book the night before the class as the products only arrived on Friday, and a fine job she did.

I wasnt happy with my front cover, nothing to do with Jayne I just thought I'd mucked it up, so I played around with it when I got home took some bits away and added some more Holtz bits.

Cos it was American Independance day, Iwas forced to eat muffins and Key Lime Pie (brilliantly made by Katie), against my will of course, didnt manage to catch a photo of them,was too busy eating, LOL.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What a lovely day.

First of all thought I would show you a picture of my garden, its nothing special but its my piece of paradise and tranquility, well when the kids arent fighting, LOL, so am sat out here now working on laptop, listening to some mellow music, watching the fish swimming in the pond and listening to the trickle of water, luckily kids are elsewhere.

Anyway last night finally made sisters 50th card, decided not to go for the big number theme so looked thorough stamps for some inspiration and remembered havent really used this one since I had to get it after seeing it in an article in Craft Stamper (LOL).

Anyway searched and found that article and this issue has got a great piece on using distress inks on foil, so tried that but havent really got the colours for the effect I wanted, so ended up using a kaleidescope five colour stamps and playing with that, using previous article for card design inspiration.
Also once I had made the backgound paper decided they were a bit dark, so decided to do some bleach stamping and then a little bit of glimmer mists to add some sparkle, and so voila my card, have put a close up in for you to see my paper a bit more, I was chuffed with the finished result and hope my sister will be suitably impressed with the result. Managed to put mini book off for a while as didnt want to put it in post, so said I will give her her gift when I see her, normally twice a year, so got some more time, Im glad cos I didnt want to rush it as its going to be about our growing up and all those memories.

Right peace has been shattered, son is back saoking wet has been having a water fight, who can blame them in this heat though.

Speak again soon Siobhan