Sunday, 16 December 2012

More Cards and playing with Bump

so I have been finishing off my xmas cards, first up are my cards for my three men

and then a straggler which didnt make the photos last time

and December is a busy month for birthdays, so here are my efforts, including using the bump stencil technique from Paper Artsy

still got to make my dads for xmas eve, gonna have a go using Kim Costello's Easter Promise from this months Craft Stamper, will let you see the results next time.

To everyone who reads my post, may you all have a joyous Christmastime with your loved ones

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

(whispers) helloooo

OMG its been a month since I posted, I have been busy doing bit and pieces for christmas and getting ready for hibernation, though from the state of my blog you would think I had already gone into hibernation.

i spy a few card toppers using Jo Capper-Sandon for Stampotique

and then a birthday card for my niece

just a taster of what ive been up to, i need to take some more photos.

Monday, 5 November 2012

here comes christmas . . .

Yup its less than 8 weeks to the big day.  Normally I would not be thinking so far ahead, but I was lucky enough to win my first ever Blog Candy from Paper Artsy, a set and a Mini from JoFY new Christmas stamps, so they have been sitting on my desk calling to me. Now I don't often buy new Christmas stamps as went so mad the first few years I was making cards, have enough to last me a lifetime . . LOL

So without further ado, here is selection of the cards I have made so far, all using the same stamp because I love it



Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's been a while . .

Above is my nearly finished piece from a class I attended at the Craft Barn last Sunday with Sussex Girl, AKA Claire Boelema.  (Just need to varnish it)

The class was run by Andy Skinner, now I have some of his stamp sets but hadn't been to a class of his before. I really enjoyed it and finally after all these years and many attempts got image transfer to work, with Andy's tried and tested technique.

Now due to us creative luvvies not being able to decide what to do, choice of colours etc, we didn't manage to finish the piece on Sunday but had all the parts to do so at home.  So I have spent a happy week after work finalising various bits, loved Andy's technique for singing the edge of paper, unfortunately had to redraw the E on rejoice as it went up really quickly, LOL.  Also had a lovely picture to put in the hole but managed to ruin it, so had to search for a different image.  All in all a fabulous project a great class and some new techniques learnt.

Now this week I also had the luck to finally win some blog candy after many many years, I commented on JoFY new Christmas stamp range on Paper Artsy site, and won my choice of a mini and a set (Ichose the candle 08 and the hanging bauble set 06), cant wait to start creating with them for christmas, but still a wee bit early for me, maybe in two months time . .  LOL

So thanks for stopping by, hope all are well and enjoying crafty things.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Once you start you can't stop !!!!

So having posted for the first time in ages yesterday, I then decided to try out Dyan's sprays with her ghosting technique, and have completed a journal page and four birthday cards for September babies, way to go mojo.

Had real fun doing this, love the technique and the effect you get.



Back to work tomorrow, boo hoo!!!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arty Catch Up

Sorry I've not been on for a long long time, I have been arty in this time so thought I would catch you up with what I have been doing, having finished Color Love I signed up for Letter Love with Joanne Sharpe and am working my way through the lessons slowly, these are Whimsical art grids


self explanatory this one, my brother moved house LOL

part of an art swap I did with the ladies from the Color Love class

Some lettering exercises from the class, this is pre doodling, paints I have used are called Peerless, and I am currently waiting a delivery of them, love the colours so clear and bright.

and the same piece doodled on

and finally a different kind of art, new inking on my right shoulder ..

So that's my round up for all those interested, just finishing my summer holidays back to work on Tuesday, aarrggggh.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Catch up time

Life is so busy at the moment, plus I am very caught up in my online course with Joanne Sharpe - Color Lovin', I have never done an online course and am now loving being able to develop myself from the comfort of my own home, have also signed up for Letter Lovin' as the people who have done that produce the most beautiful letters and words. The courses work out about £25 which I think is very reasonable. Here is a journal (unfinished) that I am working on in this class at the moment.

I have however also been doing some other things inbetween
my new book mark, used sprays and stamp masks on craft paper, and then paper piecing on my main figure

 birthday card with a pre cut shape bought at Ally pally, great to make a quick card

 husbands birthday card using Michael Powell by the sea stamp

get well card for my SIL

Hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying your art time . .  mwah

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Carrying on with the color loving

Been using various media in these lessons, watercolour crayons, tombow markers (my new love) and inktense pencils

sorry some of the pictures are on the side, have had to load via Picassa as blogger is playin me up big time, grrrr, Im going back to my color loving

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Color Love

have recently signed up for my first online class ever, its with with Joanne Sharp, and its called Color Love, very reasonable cost wise but then have ended up having to buy quite a few new materials (golly I was so upset LOL), anyway here is Lesson 2 completed, hope you all like and if you want to find out more pop over here to find Joanne's blog.

Am so impressed with this class may follow them up with the lettering classes she does.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hello, I'm back, well I havent been away just absent, no real excuses, some mojo missingness (!), and just busy with life.
Here is my finished set of house hooks, (see previous post), I am pleased with them   

and have set them up to hold all my ribbons and strings, for easy access.

Have also made a few birthday cards, got this gorgeous stamps at Ally Pally and turned it into two male birthday cards, quite easily, with a bit off kraft glassine behind to set the image off,

 and finally a card for a fellow crafter, no pressure to deliver something extra then, LOL.

Even though I have been missing from actual blogging, I have been visiting everyone's sites whenever I can, so nice to see what everyone else it doing, even if I'm not doing, LOL.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


it's been ages since I took part in this, but took a photo of my desk this am before I rushed off to work.  I moved my craft room round this weekend and it just feels so much better, wierd isnt it how moving a desk and some shelves can make such a difference, perhaps I got the Feng Shui right . .  LOL

Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting . .  mwah

Hope you like my eye candy, well  a girl can dream cant she.