Saturday, 28 February 2009

Piddawinkles Caged Thoughts

right this is my first attempt at making a link, after meeting up with Rusty cage and Pattie this week, was shown how to do it and it looks quite easy, we shall see, here is a link to Rustys page, I hope (fingers crossed)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fat Jam with Rusty & F.Pest

well we went from one jam to another without pausing for breath, Rusty wanted to give fat pages a try, which was quite ironic as just the day before I'd told another buddy that I wasnt going to get into fat pages, so here are my first attempts.

I started with "Faeries & Goblins", which was my subject choice, thought it would give the girls some probs ,hehehe, thought they did brilliant, check out their pages on their blogs, links down to the left. I started by trying to be clever and played with clear embossing and glimmer mists, mixed together with some basic grey papers, it turned out ok, but think I should have stamped flower shadows before embossing and spraying, the next one went a bit more classic with a stamps and watercolouring, love doing this as can't draw for toffee but love painting in a stamped image.

Next I went for "Marine", Pest's subject, did some image searching on google and once I got them I went in a totally different direction from where I had started, now I had the brilliant idea that crinkly cling film would look good as a water effect, must have picked this up on here somewhere as I have no idea where that idea came from, love the images of fish and the surprise on the reverse. With Seahorses, had found these lovely images and love doing layering and tearing paper and this just sort of evolved as I played, think it's my fave.

Finally the reason I chose "Faeries & Goblins", because Rusty, (bless her cotton socks) chose "Love and Marriage", really not good at the romantic stuff, so decided I would practise my metal technique for Rusty, again not quite to plan, but I worked with it and added TimHoltz stamps and alcohol inks, and it sort of folld the theme. Finally went hell for leather with snogging pictures, layered up, then decided two jigsaw pieces joined together would illustrate finding the right partner, thought that was quite clever, hehe.

So hope you enjoy my new work, gonna take a break from jamming for a while, want to try some challenges and play with my craft bit and bobs, (haven't got much!), will post attempts on here for you all to see.

Happy Valentines Day

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Competition Entry

atcs using a Crafty Individuals product for their New year competition

My fave area in the house

apart from my bed of course, cos i love that

an insight into my crafting area

Fairy atc

I owed Carmadfairy some ATC's so I used her name as a hint and produced these three for her,