Saturday, 27 November 2010

Birthday Cards, a hard week and a lovely surprise

Hard week at work, manager has been on holiday and Ive been trying to hold the fort, it was tough, but I am a woman and I can take it, LOL, actually I am cream crackered, hence all I've managed craft wise this week is two birthday cards for my lovely niece Aislinn who turned 18 and my goddaughter Amy who turned 7, both on the 25th, (now why does that number ring a bell).  One is cute and sweet and the other one,well my niece is an independant, trendy little arty person so really had to try and think outside the box, so two more different cards would be hard to find.

and as for the surprise check out page 74 of the new Craft Stamper, I've only managed to be runner up in the Altered/Mixed Media Category.

Now I have been very good, because I knew I had been shortlisted a few weeks ago and I managed to keep it to myself, (it was hard, I can tell you), I was so excited and honoured and having seen the winners I consider myself very lucky to have been considered alongside them as they have produced some seriously great pieces of work, and as for the winner, woweee, absolutely fantastic work, and so well done I stand in awe.

Now, I do'nt think I can reproduce the page for you to see, but I can put up the photos that I sent in for my entry, I hope, I sent in two pieces the altered jewellery box and Stampotique Street

Just a taste of the pages of Stampotique Street, think it might be better if a do a blog post showing it all of, gawd knows when though.  So this weekend finds me tired, cold and very happy.

Hope you are all having a good one, and those that have already congratulated me, thank you so much xxxx

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A blog award for me

The lovely Ann (Flutterby Crafter), has gifted me this award

I have to tell you 3 things about myself that make me different from everyone else, so here goes:

1 -   I am a guilt laden lapsed catholic

2  -  I have danced in Trafalgar Square's fountains, (drink may have been involved)

3  -  I have only ever done the splits once in my life (again drink was involved)

And then I have the pleasure of passing it on to 5 of my talented and attitude laden blog land friends.

1   Kate Crane of the Kathryn Wheel
2   Debs of Rusty Cage fame
3  The Octopode Factory, for her sheer drawing genius with tons of attitude
4  Lin at Yours Artfully
5  Donna at  The Doings of Doone

So enjoy and thank you all for sharing your art with us all in blogland.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

I love Tim Holtz

Had a busy week off but have found some time to play with my new Tim toy the tag die, it is a lovely size to work on so Ive had some fun cutting out different materials, two more to show you, also been playing some more with the Octopode images, Ive heard that theres something afoot with Stampotique and the designer (she is 17  - - wow), I predict big things ahead for her, as you can see she has a lovely kooky quirkiness to her art.  She is very prolific and keeps adding new images, will never be able to keep up.

Now my plans for the weekend was to do some chores around the house and find some time to play, unfortunately most of today has been taken up with this . . . .

This is the bank where I work, and at 0338 this am, some people decided to make an unauthorised withdrawal, I was woken by our security team at 0415, because the Police needed a key to get in, hahaha, I had however had a wee drink and didnt have any cash for a taxi, so one of my other colleagues had to go out and sort it out, I have however been there on and off during the day trying to organise things for Monday, we wont be open, in case anyone is wondering.  So the start of a nice quiet weekend rudely interrupted.  Lets hope for a peaceful Sunday.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Compendium of Craft Challenge 21

Found this challenge a couple of weeks ago and this is the first chance I have had to participate, each week a technique from Tim's bible is chosen and all you have to do is follow the instructions, adding your own little flair, (if you can), post to your blog and link to the L3 studio blog.  Only other rule is that you don't post how to do the technique.

So for my first attempt it was Perfect Distress, page 38 of afore mentioned book.  Well I tried it last night and it was all looking great until I added water, just a spray honest, then it all seemed to dissolve before my very eyes, boo hoo, gave up then and went off to bed so that I could do my nightly snoring to annoy my OH.  (he misses me if Im not  there, LOL).

Then this morning had another go and I present to you my succesful attempt at Perfect Distressing, showing two photos 'cos one shows up the detail and the colours as they are, the other is with a flash and shows up the glimmer, and I couldn't choose between the two.

So for those that follow me on my blog, I can report a succesful attendance at my course last week and I am now licensed to lend money (form an orderly queue, LOL).  I used to travel up to London every day for work, dont know how I did it , it is exhausting and dirty and my poor feet hurt so much.  The course was opposite St Pauls Cathedral which was nice as I'd not worked at that end of town before, so did my touristy bit from the station, stopping to take in the sights, nothing to do with the fact I was running out of breath, I am so unfit, and this must change, it was embarrassing, having to pace myself to make the walk, whilst my tongue lolled out the side of my mouth and I had taken off everything I could to try and keep myself from overheating, being overtaken by Chelsea pensioners.  Totally didnt have the sophisticated city worker look.

Anyway it is done, I have this week off and then its back to the grind until xmas.  Hope all is well with everyone.