Wednesday, 29 September 2010

WOYWW #69 (titter titter)

Yay its Wednesday and as usual I am languishing in the bottom part of the list, but numbers don't mean anything unless you are adding it after your comment and then its incredibly helpful.  Poor Julia is feeling a bit left out as she has no number, :(  but we all know her, dont we, but if you want Julia, you can use zero, hope that helps.

So quite a few pictures this week for you, thought I would start to show you around my drawers of stuff !!

Shot 1 is a straight on shot of said drawers, on top of the drawers is a spare drawer from a broken set, I love buying these plastic drawers as you can often pick them up dead cheap, anyway the extra drawer has a filing system, yes it does honest, it has masks in it, on no it doesn't I moved them (oops).  It has all my transfers, 3d stickers, flat stickers and also some letter books.  Stored on their side I can pull the drawer out onto my lap and have a good flick through for what I want, I must admit some of the stuff in this drawer is of the strokable status, I love them so much can't bear to use them.  Next drawer has all my embossing powders, which I used to use all the time on everything but havent really used for a while, but am getting back into using them more now.  Plastic bags are distress powders that I shared with a thrifty friend.

Next drawers are slightly more boring, there is the envelope drawer, can never have too many of them and the junk drawer, which has sequin waste, music sheets, pics Ive pulled out of magazines, clothing tags, pattern paper, basically anything Ive thought may come in use again some day.  So thats it for drawer set 1, come back next week for another exciting installment.  LOL

This what I made out of last weeks desk and is a card for my sister in laws birthday, I tried to be a bit more creative rather than just sticking the picture down, so played with Tim Holtz stuff and some Viva gunk, had really messy fingers by the end, but I enjoyed myself.

And finally my desk, have got creative this week and am making a mini book, called "Stampotique Street", (close up below). This is the front cover of a Holtz ruler book so I have about 10 pages to fill inside of it, have started doing this but nothing to show yet of the insides, but the clue is in the name LOL.

So for all that don't know and I can't believe there are that many now, this is the link to find out what I am yapping on about, press here.

Enjoy the journey through WOYWW land.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Well welcome back all those lovely people who pop by and visit me to see what I've been up to, last week was very dry so this week I've taken a number of photos of my workspace to show it does get messy, (well by my standards anyway, LOL).  For those that have no idea what I am on about, visit here, WOYWW HQ.  Where the lovely Julia explains all, and where the incredible Mr Linky is.  Last week I found it really worked having peoples Linky no, so I could visit them without having to go through blogland and getting diverted by loads of other things, so if you can  do the same again this week, I will be eternally grateful.  Though I have to confess, I forgot to add mine on a couple, sorry, will try and do better this week.

Right without further ado, the photographs
First picture is my desk on Monday,when I panicked over the jewellery cabinet I was gonna enter into Craft Stamper competition, as I though it ended 28th Sept  and still hadnt finished, so to work I went with stamps and paint and things, got it looking really good, until alas, I went, not one step too far, but perhaps three or four, b******s 

So have begun trying to rescue it, dont know if it will work or not, hence no actual photo of the shameful piece this week, am so annoyed with myself and then when I checked the competition information, it ends 22nd OCT, not sept, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, so had plenty of time, also discovered need to do two pieces for the entry, so have been playing around with different techniques, difficult cos you dont want to outright copy peoples work, but you may like the technique or finished result, so trying to amalgamate all the things I like on one piece, perhaps I should think about a Dogs Dinner, LOL.

Above piccies virtually the same, one last night and one this pm, what a difference the light makes, playing with Dyullisions lovely spray inks, some paper artsy stamps and a stencil from The Crafters workshop, middle image is actually the negative of the stencil but came out better that the positive (cut that to ATC size) and then decided to add white pen to create effect that Ive forgotten name off, you know the one I mean, on cowboy scarves etc.  Was thinking of this for a background for other work but just a slight bit too busy, had great fun and lovely inky fingers by the end of it, and shall see what I can create out of all these bits, need a couple of birthday cards in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway for those that are interested carpet is lush, didnt realise what a difference it would make, and the good news is they ran out of the underlay we ordered so supplied next one up, so have to step down to get into bedroom off lush carpet onto manky old hard as nails carpet, so guess what the next plan is, yup recarpet ours and eldests bedrooms, does it ever end......

H A P P Y     W O Y W W

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This week, I'm afraid the workspace is very bare for WOYWW, I can only apologise but its been a bit of a busy week and I have managed to blog on days other than wednesday  (gasps in amazement), from my prev blog you can see that on Monday evening I was very busy getting a Tim Holtz ticket, and then yesterday I was sorting out my finances, bah humbug, I added one deposit in twice, which means that the new carpet we bought for our stairs and is being fitted this weekend, we couldn't actually afford!!!!!!, oooopss. .  but we have been without carpet for coming up for 2 years, so we had to bite the bullet at one point, how expensive are they, even the reasonably priced ones, the upshot is we will be living out the kitchen cupboards this week as no money for food, I get paid Monday at least, oh and before you ask I paid for Tim ticket out of my own money.

Now if you look up by my DI pads you can see a lovely ATC I won on Minxys blog, it is gorgeous, (and sorry I havent thanked you yet Minxy, I will, I promise) the drink with a straw in, because I have just been to the dentist (more expense) and also on the other side a new stampotique stamp designed by the lovely Jo Capper-Sandon.  So I am going to have to cut back my spending as need to save for hotel at Tim Holtz do and petrol and spending money, so will have to draw horns in a bit, better not do it too far it could be painful.

Now to my lovely commenters, please can you just add your Mr Linky number at the end of your comment, then I will be able to return the visit more efficiently,  I know its a bit a**l, but I cant help myself, and if I cant visit anyone else I like to visit you, will do the same on all my comments this week, you never know it might catch on.

Have a great week you all and please let me know if anyone else is going to see Tim in Feb.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I got a ticket to go to Tim Holtz ArtsyCrafty class on Feb 25th, the 10.30 am start, I am sooooooooooooooo excited, did anyone else get lucky.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Art Journey

Here is my entry for Art Journey's first blog competition, you had to use mainly their stamps and the subject was "Friends", used some DI blending technique and their lovely fern unfurling (or unwinding) stamp, also Relax and Friends are theirs as well.  I discovered their stamps last year through Jo Capper Sandon I think, and treated myself to two sets then and I've just been back for two more.  Incidentally I ordered some other stuff from UK based shops the same day and Art Journey delivered from the Netherlands before them, impressive aye.  Anyway hope you all like.

Genie in a bottle

Well for those who have been following I have been having a bit of tution on my half finished card from Doone, see below post and comments. So today I have tried to finish the card, as it is required next week, so I unveil it to your criticism.
dont be too harsh pretty please   :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Its a miracle just one picture this week, I've been tidying again thanks to lack of mojo.  But once all was tidied I still needed a mojo boost so I flicked through new Craft Stamper for something I wanted to try and had the items required to hand. Came upon Sunset silhouette by Joanne Wardle, using DI to make graduated backgrounds, now I have increased my Di's recently by 6 new ones so was ready to play.  Well following Joanne's instructions, it was super easy and I thought super effective.  Tag card was my first effort, then decided to use mask to add shapes, tree card demos this, then had a play on an ATC (available), then last night decided to read article properly and discovered gloss card had been used, so had to have another go, used Tim's umbrella man (wouldnt stamp properley, felt sticky, had to do it three times to get image, does anyone knows what causes this, or does it simply need a good clean?), then used one of my fave Paper Arsty ones, think i will use these as toppers on cards or ATC's.  It was great fun, very quick and the results I think were great.

Also in the background was my genie in the bottle card, suposed to be for my 20 year old nieces birthday, but having done image have got stuck with what else to do with it, might be on the wrong card, will have to think on it, perhaps a bit more burlesque is required.

So thats my craft for the week, had a lovely visit to Craft barn on saturday and manged to go right up to my od limit, OOPS, but such fun and silly not to buy whilst I was there, dont you agree girlies.

Hope I get round to seeing a few more of you this week, and to those that visit thanks so much and I will try doubly hard to return the visit, toodle pip . . .

oops here is the link to WOYWW 66

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Yay it Wednesday again and time for another splash of  WOYWWThis was my desk last night, I decided to show WIP by taking two shots, first is mask in place with liberal spray of Glimmer mists in Frost, Pink Bubblegum and Rum Raisin, second shot shows mask has been removed and I have endeavoured to get reverse mask effect onto spare card, think it lost something in translation !!!!!

This is my OH anniversary card, 22 years on friday, doesnt seem like 1, ROFL . . .   Decided to do two puzzle pieces fitting together on gatefold card, (2 pieces of the same puzzle.. aaah . .  you are allowed to make loud gagging sounds now, LOL)Then decided to add some random lettering and more random leaf vines, forgot to mention put music paper on puzzle pieces sprayed with Dyan Original Ink sprays and distressed with some DI (pumice stone) and then decided to clear emboss a Tim stamp, doesnt show up brilliant and expect OH will never notice, but I made the effort.

This is the finished card, put prev photo on cos showed up detail better, final bits were some Enamel Accents in black.  So that was last night quite industrious I thought,This last pic is an altered thimble display case that I made last week, glued fabric samples that I picked up from M& S (ok sort of stole  :(  ) onto back then pin tacked together after painting with various pinky colours and then distressing with lots of bits to get rid of all the pinkness (should miss out the middle man and paint it the colour I want to begin with)  but what would be the fun in that LOL.

BTW think I am going to enter Craft Stamper Stamper of the Year, Altered artist with my Jewellery box, which I am still working on, but it is coming along, does anyone know if its ok to have blogged it unfinished or not?, or does it have to have been unseen. . .

Anyways thank you all for visiting and leaving such lovely comments, I am sorry I dont get around to many each week, but I do try to visit different sites each week,