Wednesday, 30 June 2010


So on my desk today we have my attempt to make my sister's birthday card, its on the 6th July but have no idea when she will get it as she is working in Saudi at the moment, and to send post there, you might as well throw it in the bin and save the hassle, so will send it to her home address, though I could send her an email with a photo of it, yes I think I will do that, haha problem solved.

For those eagle eyed about you will notice that my desk has been re-organised again, now having only done it the week before that could be called obsessive, but I have a grand excuse.  And it goes like this, a local card shop has given up retail selling and classes and was selling of all its furniture, and below you will see the wonderful set of shelves I got, which display all my paints and things lovely, perhaps if I can see and stroke them more often I will actually use them, now that took the place of another shelf set I had, so I ended up moving that onto my desk (aka dining table), I think its worked out lovely and will now try NOT to rearrange area again, (well defn not this month).

I also today received my WOYWW easel, so thank you very much Julia, you are so kind to have done that, am now thinking of ways to personalise it and am thinking some metal tape, dont know how it will work out, but I shall post it for you to see in the future. Also stolen someones brillinat idea for using bulldog clips to hold scissors and such like.
If you want to see more WOYWW follow this link.

Happy WOYWW to everyone.......   :)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wahayy its WOYWW

Well as you can see it's nice and tidy, but not a lot going on, so I thought I would give you a 360 round my craft area, its in the conservatory at the back of the house, when I started crafting I had a magazine rack and everything fitted in there, as you can see things have progressed significantly since then, about 5 years I reckon since the obsession began. 
As you can see I like to be tidy and enjoy tidying things up into their right place, love cruising the local charity shops for shelves and things I can use to store things, and of course I love a good craft sale, the big chest of drawers is full of other things like finance stuff (yeuk) and old sewing stuff, lots of spare material for things I was going to make and never got around to, I was never a natural at sewing, but lo and behold on my 21st birthday (last year . . LOL) I got a sewing machine just like my sister, i was so unimpressed with it, but I have learnt to appreciate it over the years. The drawers have seen better days and one day my OH will get around to realigning the drawers, not holding my breath for that one to happen.The sewing machine is the piccie is a mini one so much quicker and easier to use for crafty stuff, and I love a VW camper van, should have been a surf chick in another life.  The pink cupboard was another charitiy shop find for £2, was a wardrobe for a dolls clothes, needs a shelf and perhaps some grunging up, but I love it, next piccie shows the hatch to the kitchen and my wall of art, video cases have all my unmounted stamps in and are organised in categories, you can never have enough stamps, two drawers full of wood ones and another drawer with Tim H stamps
and finally back to the desk and an old TV stand that holds the things I use a lot, my laptop, my heatgun and the minstrels, hehe.  Hope you enjoyed the 360, follow this link to get to WOYWW so you can go and nosey around more worktops.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Inspiration Nation

Have been working on this, this week.  Wanted somewhere to put my inpirational pictures for easy access when the mojo deserts me.  So found an old 6 x 6 scrapbook to use, the cover however was particularly putrid, so decided to try and re-cover it.
Used some thin card and added acrylic paints, then wrapped this around the covers, and then let the grunging begin, front cover evolved over a few days, it is hard to stop yourself 'cos you think just one more bit will improve it so much, but convinced myself to stop and leave it overnight before adding more, was so chuffed that the Tim Holtz frame fitted on it, put the words Inspiration Nation in the frame under a layer of diamond glaze, was a bit of a risk 'cos wasn't sure the brads would go all the way through the cover, but they did, yay.  The other picture is of the back cover which is just the acrylic paints, before the madness takes hold . . . . .

looks like there is mouse hole behind it, hehe.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cards for the men

Lots of male card needed this month and still to do my dad's fathers days card, but he is in Ireland at mo' so no hurry.  Cards are for my son Evan, he requested Pokemon, my husband gets what he is given and had better be grateful, so decided to do some metal play for his and my father in laws 80th, he likes fishing, but I thought I would do it with a bit of a twist.  Cut out letter added some distress inks, then embossed over to make more sturdy and shiny.

dont know why scan has so much white space, apologies.


Yay finally manged to have something on worktop to photograph for WOYWW.    Have been off this week so have been playing with acrylic paints doing journalling backgrounds, using Dyan and Kate Crane as inspiration, worktop is also known as dining table, very rarely cleared for any food, 'Ive now actually built myself a barrier against other people's mess, easel behind is my OH, he is doing a painting for his dad's 80th, he is more into CAD now and rarely touches paints anymore, they are gradually finding their way into my supplies, hehehe.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Craft Barn Extravaganza

Finally something at this end of the country, two day event at the Craft Barn in Lingfield Surrey.

Demo's by Suze Weinberg, Leandra Franich, Linda Brown and manay many more but those were my main ones, took some photos and then the mobile camera decided to stop working, no idea why, but the video still worked, but dont think I can load them on here, let me know if you know different.  It was a great event, really enjoyed all the demo's.  Course had to pop into shop, well its only polite, bought a few bits and pieces. ROFL

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A new obsession

First of all, let me wish my son Evan and husband Ian a very happy birthday.  Love you lots and lots.

They dont actually read this, thankfully. LOL

Anyway, a new obsession, unusual for me I know, haha

In July's Craft Stamper, Trish Latimer did a masterclass on Simple Stamp Carving, now this looked fun and as work has an excess of rubbers, (someone went a bit mad on the ordering) I decided to put a few of them to good use.  Used my trusty scalpel and had such fun doing this, picture shows them in order of doing them, started off with simple diamond and then just went from there, loved it so therapeutic, great to do for background stamps, which dont have to be too perfect, OK some of them may be a bit iffy, but I love my umbrella and my reverse sequin waste.  Anyway as obsessions go have now ordered some lino carving tools to see what i can do, have depleted rubber box at work so shall have to find a cheap supplier.

And then I thought I must show how I am going to use them so made some background paper using them, distress inks, glimmer mists etc and then used that to make these three ATC's, let me know if anyone wants them, they are called  "Stranger Danger",  "Hanging on the wall" and "Fishy".

Right I best go, as I'm due at work, and dont think i can say "sorry i'm late, was updating me blog" . .  can you imagine their faces.

have a great day everyone, especially birthday boys.