Monday, 28 February 2011

My new stash

as requested by Debs, some piccies of what I bought, and I have to admit I went mad, but what the heck, you only live once...

first piccie is what we got free,courtesy of ranger, big thanks to Alain and co and then second picture is what were given to create our box with, third and fourth photos are the new stash

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Now I will try not to bore you too much with my tale of the last three days, as I know other people are blogging the experience too.  However I couldnt just ignore it, could I, for a start I have ten tons of new stash to play with, I have shopped till I dropped, that gold sale came in mighty handy.  I also have loads of photos to show, some of which are payback for some tweeting of my outfit that went on, they know who they are and they should be very scared, but not today.

I'm just gonna give you a taste of what an absolutely fabulous experience I had, it was fantastic, out of this world, amazing.

So two classes, the first was by Leandra and Lin, ably helped by Millie, Leandra's daughter and JOfY, oh and Sweet Pea was there as well.....LOL...... we made this fantastic piece using Leandra's new paint, absolutely yummy and sold out in the shop, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, colourwashes, metal art, viva decor, grunge board and tissue tape and some lovely adornments.

Then after lunch its T!m time, we had to queue and wait to go in (so british...LOL), and he came out, me being the shy retiring type in my sparkly mini red top hat (it was wear red for British Heart Foundation day), shrieked out Tim, and he went past and said love your hat (aarghhhhhh he spoke to me)... well that was the start of a brief but beautiful relationship.  When we got into the class, he was just on his own at the top of the class, so I popped up, (as you do) to give him a small (very) gift I had got for him, Percy Pigs from M&S, and asked for a photo, asked him not too smile though as he always smiles so lovely, so this is what we got, it is particularly fetching of me ROFL

Later on he walked past and asked where my  hat was, as I'd taken it off, asked him if he wanted to wear it, that was a NO, but he knew someone who would, Mario who plonked his own hat on me, and Tim ( yes Tim) took a picture on his mobile............aarghhhhhhhh again

This is my configurations box so far, it was the most fun to do and we were given so much free stuff to work with it was truly amazing.

And finally, a pic of me and the two people that helped make it a truly amazing experience, my Sisters from another mother, Gill (who got her leg over Tim) and Janette (who blubbed on him and got a lovely cuddle), hence us getting on like a house on fire, Love you big time girlies (mwah).

So that's it for now, I really need a good sleep tonight, as I am very sleep deprived and it's back to work Monday,  (Boo hoo).  I'll fill you in on more of the day in another post.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OMG OMG OMG part II . . .

. . . . unbelievably it is the week of Tim, I leave on Thursday for my class on Friday.  I have tried so hard to keep my excitement level down, its been hard especially with the Yahoo group twittering (not tweeting) away all day long.  So we arrive at the week and I am feeling unwell, (whattttt) you know that tickle in the throat and that lack of energy, I cant be ill, its not allowed, so am dosing myself up and hope to fight it off at least until the weekend anyway, LOL.

I am on holiday this week, my mojo however took last week off (not even a holiday request from it), I did absolutely nothing, I sat at my desk, I blog hopped, I tidied, but not an inky finger in sight. I did however sell my gold, I had found some broken chains and rings, couple of old gate bracelets, weighed up to about 45 grams, I got £390........ yee hah, so happy, that some tut I had in a cupboard will be buying me so many new craft products, its been really hard but I have resisted spending it, and am keeping it for this week.  However I already have a wish list for any money left over, including dylussions paints and stamps and possibly some new stampotiques.

So yesterday I got back to dirty fingers and started a journal page, its close to finishing, I know it needs something else, just not quite sure what yet, so am leaving it to one side and am gonna start on something else.

I have QVC craft day on in the background, now does anyone else find that Craig (presenter) really annoying, I have resisted buying the Vagabond, my reasoning is I have a big shot and think of all the Tim dies I'll be able to buy with that money.

So have a great week everyone, I definitely will, hopefully will have some great photo's to blog after the event.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another project following Craft Stamper...

from the march 2011 issue, page 56 "Layer it Up" by Katie Crane, I tried to follow all the background work as Katie shows as I love her paint technique, and would love to be able to emulate, so here is my background before I divert away.
and then, I made it my own, decided to image transfer the eye, it was so stunning but too bright,unfortunately it lost quite a bit in translation so I had to ink in quite a bit, I image transferred another eye,but that didnt work at all, see if you can spot the remnants.
Have had a lovely weekend hope you all have as well.  I just have one more week to work then Im on holiday for a week, culminating in my trip to see Uncle Tim, its so close I cannot believe it.  Went gold hunting yesterday for all my old broken chains and am gonna take it to a local jewellers to sell, all funds will got towards my spend up at Uncle Tims, weighs approx 45 grams, will let you know how it goes, cross your fingers for me.

Friday, 11 February 2011

two challenges in one....

..... which is a total record for me, I know lots of people manage to make one piece fit many current challenges, but it makes my brain hurt to try that.  This has happened by accident, first it is my entry for Compendium of Curiosities Challenge 31, which is following the technique on page 41, rusted enamel.  A technique I've tried before and enjoyed using, so by pure coincidence I put an Octopode Factory image on of Alice (check out her giveaway), and there is a current challenge at The Altered Alice using Alice and things that change form, and if Alice has a drink from that bottle she certainly will change.

I tried using lots of different techniques on here, I tried stamping on my embossing folder before embossing, and I used Tissue tape for the first time, took me ages to get round to spending £9 on some tissue tape, but it is yumptious stuff, also made a lid out of ten second metal.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A day at home today, bliss too wake up to no alarm, bit of breakie and then miracle of miracles I did some clearing up.  So then I could sit down virtuosely(sp!!) and craft for the rest of the day, Id even got dinner ready.

I decided to use my new mojo blocks, as per Craft Stamper February issue.  I got carried away and made eight of them, so here is the throw.....

as I'de made 8 I've decided (because Im in charge, LOL) I can just pick some of them to help restart the mojo, so didnt feel like altering so decided to break into a journal I'd bought from Paperchase a while ago, isn't it just yumptious.

So this was my first little page, all my other journal pages have been so big, so it was a challenge to think smaller, I also find it really  hard to think of things to say on the journal pages, but I am going to use this journal to try and get used to expressing myself.

and here's a close up of my little boot man, I thinks he is dead cute, well once I'd stamped "three in a circle" to use two of the heads I couldnt throw junior away, could I.

and here is scrap page of the other side of the mask, that I can use another time

And finally a lad I work with is 18 this week so I made him a card along the lines of one I'd made in January.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


My first attempt at Inchies, after all the lovely comments on my tag on the previous post, I decided to shrink it, literally, die cut some shrink plastic and then tried to recreate the same sort of background.

Also had a good nose at Tim's CHA videos, here,  Sherry Goodloe has the link on her page and I spent a happy morning getting more and more excited that I will be seeing him in less than three weeks, whoop whoop.  If you pop by Sherry's blog, wish her a very Happy Birthday, its on Wednesday, I only found her blog this year and it was at the start of her battle with the big C, she is an inspiration.  Below after being inspired and reminded by Tim, I made some stamps out of my Tim dies.

And finally a couple of cards I have made in the last few weeks.
and a close up on my colouring.
have a really good week everyone..

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge no 30

This week over at the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge we are onto page 48 "Altered Metal with Paint".  Started playing whilst watching Silent Witness, struggled a bit does anyone else have probs getting the dabbers to start flowing!! so resorted to a paintbrush, then had a play with my new die and some DI, and twilight street was born.