Saturday, 28 February 2009

right this is my first attempt at making a link, after meeting up with Rusty cage and Pattie this week, was shown how to do it and it looks quite easy, we shall see, here is a link to Rustys page, I hope (fingers crossed)


Piddawinkle said...

yee hah Im so clever, LOL

Flippinpest said...

So you are!
Waits for links....loves sausages!
I have asked Rusty if she has found my mojo and I will also ask you?
Feeling craftless at the mo

Pattie said...

Wooohooo you did it ! lol I know its not easy I always forget how........Your pics on my blog lol,Thankyou sooooo much for coming all that way to see me! I really loved seeing you both it was greattereon xx

Pattie said...

huh dont know what that scrambled word is at the end lol,I havent been on the wine either haha

June said...

well done :)

BlondeWitchCreations-Carley said...

sounds like you had a good time
for the cutest blog thing go to free backgrounds and start at the last page ( they always keep the best last)my next one will be
Funkadelic i think
also i am in harlow

June said...

Thanks Pidd for your words and care about Adam my son. I have his lil 3 year old here today
Hugs June xxx

Deborah said...

I am obviously an inspirational teacher Pidd. Well done! :-)))))