Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hi everyone, too think was only 24 hours ago that I had some money to my name, LOL, but now I have two bags of stash, all still in the bags as I like to look at it all the nextday cos its like being there again but in the comfort of my own home. Defn feeling a bit knackered today and the bad new is I've got a six day week ahead of me, groan groan. Now all unpacked see attached picture.

I met Rustycage there as well and we had lunch together and did some shopping before Rusty had to go as she had actually spent her budget before lunch but managed to carry on spending after lunch, also met her friend from the Mamma group on Flicker who traded some ATC's with me, great to meet you, didnt realise you were from Ilford, I was born there.

Me and my friend Sue were there till just before 5pm, and I was completely knackered by then, took us two hours to get home which was a pain, but I wasnt driving so could relax a little bit, in case anyone saw or heard me I had a small pink portable fan which was a life saver, would defo recommend you take one next year, oops better start saving.

My fave stall of the day was LB Crafts, where both Linda and Leandra (paperartsy) were demonstrating, it was my first stall and would have quite happily have bought everything there, watched Leandra demonstrating for over an hour and could have stood there all day but didnt want to hog them as there were a few other crafters their, LOL, defn gonna start saving up for one of their craft weekends as it would seem I would learn loads and loads, and a whole weekend crafting.

Other people who may have seen me was two girls from up north (said it was better than the NEC!!) who we saw all over the place, met in the queue for the loo's first thing when we used the mens, (phew stinky and there were men in there!!!!) Right didnt mean to write a book, I am so tired I think might have to revisit my bed for a snooze. Sorry I didnt meet anyone else on the day but there is always next year.

Attached is a picture of an award for my blog from Polly Pierce, thanks so much, will be passing it on to five other people, soon.


June said...

Flipping eck .. you sure you didnt buy the stall ? Lol must ave cost a bomb lol. Glad you had a fab time
I noticed a couple of the stamps are the same as ones i have too. Bet you have loads of fun with new stash when you recover
Hugggggssssss June xxx

Jenni Hamilton said...

Very envious!!! I wish I'd been there but my bank is glad I wasn't!
Jenni x

Flippinpest said...

Give us a shout next time Pidds, I might travel down for it but stay overnight. You look as though you had a great spend!Will wait and see what you produce now..come on girl!

Eiglas said...

Hi Pidds!
It's getting like a Trimmie meet on here! LOL!
Great blog Chuck and what a haul from the show - phew! I wouldn't have liked to carry that home....well, I WOULD... but ya know what I mean!
Carry on crafting!

Deborah said...

It was great to meet up with you again, old bean. You've got a great haul there - can't wait to see what you do with it all.

Lubna said...

Hi Siobhan (Pidd) - don't know what name you prefer to be called by:-) It was lovely meeting you with Deb at the show last week:-)

I had a good nose at what you bought (don't you just love having a good look at other people's purchases?-LOL) You and I have bought some similar stuff - I bought the gold metal foil and Tim Holtz scissors (last year) , tree stamp, cutting mat, I bought the same designer paper pad also last year, dauber inks. You got some good stuff:-)
Love your blog! :-)
Lubna x