Friday, 13 November 2009

Christmas Tree

Used a wooden xmas tree from Hobby Craft 99p, and decided to try altering it with alluminium tape, cuttlebug embossing folders, some black paint, alcohol ink, glimmer mists, wire, sequins and stickles.  My tape was too short, but I thought what the hell and went for it, my embossing folders were too narrow, but again what the hell.  Took me about 3-4 days playing with this, had decided if I could get it to work would make them as christmas cards for my family, (only 6), I think its worked, what do you think, would you be pleased to receive one.  I'm hoping they will  pack them away and get them out each year.As you can see there are two sides and Ive done them slightly different, tried to recreate garlands using twisted wire and sequins.

Photo's are not brill Im afraid, but they give a taste I hope, think I will do them in different colours schemes, ie traditional, modern etc

Finally here is a picture of my brothers dog Nelson, he is very cute and I want him, think I may dognap him at christmas, very wierd feeling like this as not a doggy person, or any animal come to that. LOLBut who could resist the cuteness of him.  Also he is very forward and showed me his man bits, LOL


Fliss said...

Your decoration is gorgeous Pidd and definitely one to be treasured.
I'm doing the same, making some as part of the Ready, Steady, Stamp challenge run by Isa Norris. It's great fun and really is a challenge as each has 5 ingredients you have to use.
Fliss xx

Deborah said...

I'd be happy to get one. Hand made is always something to cherish (IMO).

Holly said...

really love the tree what a great idea...and how cute is that

sparkler said...

Is the dog a border terrier? I have 3 and they are such lovely temperament and character x