Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gingersnaps Creations C37 - TIME

Above is my second challenge, I seem to be following Flutterby for this one as well, she knows where all the good ones are, or seems to.  Quite simply the challenge was TIME.
Had a day off today, so came downstairs with blinkers on so as to not look at any household tasks that may need doing, stepped over pile off clothes left by youngest and ensconced myself at the craft table.  Have found that sketching ideas out works best for me as it gives me a starting point, then I start searching stamps and paper and before I know it the inks are out and the fingers are dirty.  Finished this off between watching Gothika, have had it for ages and never watched it, fantastic film really enjoyed it, would recomend it, also has the lovely Behind Blue Eyes by Fred Dunst as the title song.

Oops forgot the link, here we are


June said...

Fabulous work Siobhan. Love that background and colour. Thanks for your comment on mine too. It isnt a download its just one i cut out from magazine or calander or something and then highlighted with inks
hugs June xxx

Pattie said...

Glad to see you put your blinkers on,i've always found that the best way to go to create,just leave it all behind and dream lolI see it worked for you too haha
beautiful ! while i,m here wheres the best place to buy Promarkers ? i know your the best person to ask on the subject LOL x

Deborah said...

Coolio, Pidd. You know what they say, after 4 years the dust doesn't get any thicker! I love those circles on the background. Stamps or cuttlebug folder?

Piddawinkle said...

ooh questions, Pro Markers I bought mine from Joanne Sheen as only 1.59 and free P+P, and Debs perhaps I wont come to stay, 4 years of dust, mmhhh nice. Cuttlebug folder for the circles. LOL

Shar said...

Beautiful piece! Love the way you used the dots in the background for added texture! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Time Challenge!

June said...

Hi Pidd, got your name on the swirly atc will send it on and dont worry you dont owe me any :) xxxxxx