Monday, 3 May 2010

May Bank Holiday

had the pleasure of being at work, its always such a priviliege to get up early on Saturday, the evening was planned though, Avatar on DVD, chilli con carne and a bottle of wine, except for eldest child wanted dropping at party, that started at 9pm, was it unreasonable to refuse, considering "drinking and driving" is against the law and Avatar is 3 hours long.  Compromised on dropping him off at 7.30 at a friends, that was an hour round trip though, was he grateful, I dont think so.  Avatar was great and so was the chilli, couldnt have watched it in pictures though, as cant sit still that long.
having a great lie in, until eldest rang and woke us all up asking to be picked up from friends as needed to get home and get changed for football, which we would also have the pleasure of taking him too, grrrrrr kids who'd have em.  Apart from that chilled out did some crafting, some tidying just general lazy day.

great lie in, due to fact up till 2am with toothache, then more tablets needed 6ish so i could get some more sleep, went for a walk in the woods to see the bluebells with OH, took some silly photos of each other, I tried smooching with my eyes to the camera and finding the light a la America's next top model, needless to say wont be putting them up for public consideration, dont wanna make you all jealous, NOT, LOL, here are some of my nature photos for you instead, check out the bluebell's finding the light, LOL.
Hope you all had relaxing and crafty weekends, hate to tell you, back to work tomoz, boo hoo.


Deborah said...

Love those bluebells. I think it's the cold winter that has made all the flowers bloom extra (if late) this year.

June said...

Hi Siobhan, sounds like a good weekend. I know just what you mean about sitting still for long, I am the same.
Love your bluebells piccy ... my fave flowers
hugs June xxxxxx