Saturday, 14 August 2010

ASDA Bargains

You see here the results of a foray into the jewellery sale section at ASDA, that cost £5.50 for £52 worth of jewellery, the skull and heart-wings were earrings, I have been busy snipping off the unwanted posts and there are a few missing, they are on the floor somewhere, sure I will step on them barefoot and cry "Yippee Ive found them" . . . LOL.   The buttons were a necklace, and the rest of it was bits hanging off necklaces, I have already made a mould of the big wing and will be using that for my melt pot work, the pack of ribbons cost me £4 from TK Maxx, gawd I lurve that shop, could spend a fortune whilst saving a fortune, and they do craft stuff now, yee hah and yummy handbags.  On the same park is also Hobby Craft so it can be quite an expensive trip.

Only down bit of the day heavens opened on way back to car and got absolutely soaked, on the way back home had to drive through a flood on a bridge, how wierd, its a very high bridge and it isnt over a river!!!!

So on two weeks hols now so looking forward to chilling out and having some nice days out with my family, cross fingers for some improvement on the weather front.


Spyder said...

I don't get to Asda's very often but well worth a visit!

flutterbycrafter said...

Don't know how you manage to seek out these wonderful bargains, I was in Asda yesterday but missed these beauties.

Claireliz said...

What great bargains, DH has just gone to Asda, should I ring him??
Chuckling at the thought of you yelling "yippee I've found them" you have more restraint than me, I would turn the air blue!!

Minxy said...

I see you have a trained eye, these are fabby finds, loving that wing, think i'd of made a mold too.

Just having a quick squiz down your blog and wow do you create same fab art, think i may just have to add ya 2 me side bar so i can hop back for inspiration

Darcy said...

wow what a great haul, I never see great bits like that in Asda...obv not trying hard enough lol

Deborah said...

Great skulls, Pidd! I did not buy much in Stevenage - one tim on the edge die, one wire netting background stamp - and 5 distress inks for £20. Have a fab 2 weeks off - and hope you get some time to craft