Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's catch up time, or TALOT

TALOT = take a look on tuesday, its one and only appearance LOL

So some bits and pieces to show you, first of all just had to sign a permission form for my youngest to attend an open evening tonight, nothing like advance planning
now do you think the new strict headmaster will be amused, considering his latest edict is that male and female pupils must never be closer together than 12 inches , WTF    :)

Now I have some purchases to show you, I've been to ASDA again and got some bargains in the jewellery sale, they were on necklaces and cost me £2 each

Now dont they look lush, I bought three of them and am thinking maybe some alcohol ink, some utee, paint, wax, gonna try and take a mould to see if I can replicate in UTEE, dont you love the art scarred table , its the dining table , oooops

Now for my next bargain, it was a sewing box with loads of sewing items in it all for £5, but my beady eye thought I could come up with a much better use for it, so ta dah "metal accessory storage"



each tray detaches for access and each division within is kept separate, the lid area can take slightly larger pieces and take that out and there is room for three little tins with more metal accessories, brilliant dont you think, now I really  must start to use some of them.

And finally a journal page I did a couple of weeks ago, at the start of a depression, dont you hate them, all self pity and self loathing, but am out of it now, thankfully, so it was definitely a feeling sorry for myself, once I've done this post am gonna do another one with a more positive note

which you might see tomorrow on WOYWW.


Deborah said...

Cool bargains, Pidd! And I love your journal page, even if it did come from a dark place. I hate to think what new headmaster will write in Evan's file about his mother LOL

flutterbycrafter said...

How do you find these things in Asda, I look around and never see what you do. Love the journal page, the image is perfect for the theme and the colours are lush. Oh well, back to Asda, I think I'll print off your finds and take them to an assistant and let them find them in their own store, save me walking round, lol xx