Sunday, 17 April 2011

So I have just had the busiest week in a long time and havent had a moment to even look for my mojo let alone use it.  So yesterday I looked at some of my new play things and decided to make a card as I need quite a few new ones for girlies in May.

I added fresco paint to the base card and added some stamps for background, cuttlebug'd a tag and added Inka gold to highlight, used some DS and water on a craft mat picked up onto some card and then stamped the image over it, cut out.  Then I searched for the bottle caps I knew I had somewhere, used my new texture hammer to flatten them out then added a stamped image from Tim's Haberdashery collection (I ummed and ahhed about buying this set, but am really glad I gave into the shopping devil on my shoulder) LOL.

I have got another busy week ahead but am really enjoying my job, which makes a change, its so tiring though as its travelling to London everyday, my poor calf muscles have finally remembered why they are there.

So have a good week everyone, I am finding time to blog hop in the week so keep it coming. mwah  :)


Nikky said...

Hey spazzypants, finally found your blog after I lost your card after Tim!! Love what you did with the config box and everything since so will be stalking I mean following you from now on!! :D xxx

Deborah said...

It's lovely, Pidd! Youoo obviously splurged wisely at Ally Pally. Very nice blue and black colour combo.
Great that you are enjpying your job - long may it continue!

jeanetteguy said...

Hey mcfly, glad the jobs going well, but omg it must be quiet now at the old office ( chuckle chuckle)
Love the pics above fancy some of the bottle caps, coool
Enjoying the blog muchly! Lol xx

thekathrynwheel said...

You are enjoying your job?! OMG, it's not often you hear people saying that! Glad you are enjoying it, and also v happy that you still found some arty crafty time :-)