Saturday, 8 October 2011

Taylor is 18

Quick post showing my lovely son Taylor's 18, that I made for his 18th (funny that . . aye), the paper is from his many purchases online from All Saints, (basically if its not from there its just not hip, LOL) its a lovely scripted paper so may have to steal some more for some other art.  Tried to keep it quite simple as he is a very picky boy and I 'm hoping they may stay on display in his bedroom.

here's a little piccie of my little man on his eighteenth, LOL

and here is on his first, (awwww)

much as I moan about my kids, they are both lovely children/men and I am proud of them really.


Deborah said...

Aww all growed up - bet you feel old LOL Thanks for offer of chippies. Didn't need for anything specific - just been rearranging stash in its new home and frustrated that I can't find.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

:0) lol @ 'picky boy' he loved that comment rofl

Time flies ay. I hope Taylors birthday was a good one :0)