Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arty Catch Up

Sorry I've not been on for a long long time, I have been arty in this time so thought I would catch you up with what I have been doing, having finished Color Love I signed up for Letter Love with Joanne Sharpe and am working my way through the lessons slowly, these are Whimsical art grids


self explanatory this one, my brother moved house LOL

part of an art swap I did with the ladies from the Color Love class

Some lettering exercises from the class, this is pre doodling, paints I have used are called Peerless, and I am currently waiting a delivery of them, love the colours so clear and bright.

and the same piece doodled on

and finally a different kind of art, new inking on my right shoulder ..

So that's my round up for all those interested, just finishing my summer holidays back to work on Tuesday, aarrggggh.


Happy Days said...

Yay you're alive! I thought you'd been kidnapped by aliens! Nice to see you back :D

You have been busy - I'm just going to do my first ever online workshop!!! Not sure how it'll go but hey! Hopefully I'll achieve some results as good as these!!

Your new body art looks a bit ouchie, no sunbathing for you today then?

Are you going to Glow in Sept?


Deborah said...

Fab artwork, as always, Pidd. It's lovely to see what you've been up to - just wish we saw you more ofen! Miss you being around :(

Kaz said...

Great to have you back:0) great pages Ang fab tat!

Kaz x

Kate said...

Gorgeous artwork! Those letters are amazing :)