Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trio of pages


Started this year participating in the Creative Jump Start, organised by Natalie Kalbach, different artist every day talking about getting the mojo flowing, its been really really good so far.

So from that Ive been doing some art in my twilight journal, trying to go with the flow and not overthink things, been using some of my new purchases (oops dont tell Use it Up), got some prismacolor pencils in LB crafts surprise packages, so been experimenting with them, love my new skelli bird and my matt white spray.  Did the ABC page because I love nice writing and I thought that's art as well, hee hee.

OH and mentioning twilight have just read The Host, its a great book has anyone else read it.


Abi said...

New purchases!! And here's me wandered through from UIU to see how you're doing lol!! But seriously, at least you are using your purchases & not just stashing them.

Must try harder lol! Fab cards xx

Happy Days said...

Oh how I wish I'd got one of the LB Crafts boxes. Could do with adding to my Prisma's - I'm experimenting with them too atm, but so far so good :D

Don't know why but you're not coming up in my feed?? :( may try unsubbing and re subbing to see what's going on xxx