Sunday, 20 April 2014

Inky mess-i-ness

Played around with my dyllusion inks and made a background page, could quite bring myself to mop up the excess ink with the kitchen roll so took a print with another piece of paper, before the kitchen roll was used, then used some stencils and water to create some ghosting and ended up with some lovely bright card, which I then used to make lots of different cards . . .


The feather stencil, which is one of my faves had a bit of a leak when I sprayed it, LOL, so traced through with white pen, you could never tell (snorts with laughter).  The topiary is a great stencil I picked up at Ally pally from Imagination crafts, scraped through with embossing paste, again a bit of a leak, but that will just have to be artistic style.


A bit of silver embossing with my new hero arts stamp, and then the card I am proudest of, had to make some men card (yeuk!) and was just going to do a plain background then had the brainwave to cut into waves. Might make lots of these for all the men card for the next decade, they might get a bit bored I suppose or they might not even notice.


Then a bit of quirkiness and another fish card (lol)

and finally a girlie card, got this stamp from ally pally too, it was on a big A4 sheet of cute stamps (horrid cute)  didnt fit in at all, but was only £3 for the whole sheet, so have cut this one out and will ebay the rest.

My big buy from ally pally was the marbling kit, which Ive been playing with today after cooking my floater yesterday, (I know chemistry too), will try and post my results tomorrow.

Does anyone have the new X cut machine, would love some feedback as am very tempted with it, as Im sure the reason I dont die cut so much is because of all the faffing with the sandwiches.

Hope you are all having a fabby easter, great weather (NOT).


Claire Boelema said...

Fab makes Mrs! The men's cards are inspired! I have to ask what is a floater? Re the xcut I played with it the other week and on the whole was really impressed plus the inner workings are steel so it should be pretty robust. The only negative which could have been my fault was a couple of flat patches when embossing. SxG xxx

Deborah said...

Really like that nautical card, Pidd (they are all great but that one particularly). Are you going to blog your Ally Pally stash? Don't try and tell me you didn't buy tons! LOL