Saturday, 13 June 2015

A tale of two classes ...

Day 1 - Kate Crane Journalling @ The Artistic Stamper

before we begin, clean hands

..... and then let the mess commence

Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2
mono page

Kate's examples


My attempt, everyone else was working in a bigger journal than me, but I didn't think to size things down, so painted circles ended up quite overwhelming, but I styled it out. (LOL)


some fab work by Karen and Angie

and then it was time for selfies

 such buddies

 do I really have to be here

 just joking, love you really Kate

 Kate didnt want a piccie of the hugging photo LOL

Day 1 class photo

Day 2 Kate Crane Driftwood Class @ The Artistic Stamper

The naughty corner apparently!!!!


the naughty corner being good !!!!!!


Kate Crane runs a strict class, no talking or messing around, apparently.

 Nikki and Karen show off their artwork.

Day 2 Class photo.

And a fab weekend was had by all thank you Kate for coming down sarf! again, we hope to see you again soon. And to Jennie & Mal (Mr & Mrs Artistic Stamper) thank you for organising such a fab weekend and supplying all the yummy food.

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Deborah said...

Can't believe I missed this blog post. Even though am not crafting (ever?) that looks so much fun. Beautiful work too!

BTW what's with having to identify plates of salad before I can comment?!