Monday, 29 September 2008

OMG it's Monday !!!

I seem to have lost my creative mojo at the moment so now sitting in very tidy craft area, as only managed to tidy this weekend, looks lovely and tidy and all my stash is lovely but I need to start using it, really need to spend less time on the WWW talking about crafting and actually do some crafting.

How many other people struggle with that, have been going onto Trimcraft website which funded my addiction to ATC's, but it seems a bit off at the moment, so may restrict my time on that, concentrate on my Blog and actually being creative.

So no work to post this week, but I have got some new PaperArtsy stamps so shall have a play with them and see what I can produce.

Bad news this week is I'm on a six day week, which I hate doing, but my company wont give you a day off for Saturday, until you've actually worked it, grrr humbugs! It's cos some people specialised in having their day off and then being sick on Saturday.

It's also my eldest's 15th birthday this week, so have got to sort that all out, its a never ending list of things I need to do, havent even thought about xmas, neither cards or pressies, but shall have to do some xmas stuff soon otherwise it will all just be a mad rush to get things done. The only good thing was last year at Christmas we were on a very restricted budget and it actually was less stressful, as couldn't keep buying things cos eldest would love it and then having to even up by buying youngest something else and so on and so on, woudl reccomend that to anyone and we had a lovely day.

Right gonna sign off now and see what creative juice i can summon up. BFN

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Flippinpest said... had better get those juices flowing..i want to see some more Pidd creations and the background (very interesting one lol) is winging its way down south, over Hadrians Wall and through a couple of jungles and deserts (desserts?) hehehehe.