Friday, 10 October 2008

Well hello all, hope you are all doing great I hope, writing this whilst watching J Ross and lusting after the gorgeous bad boy Colin Farrell, in fact finding it hard to concentrate on writing this at all, ok i'll stop and lust, back in a mo.......

Right I'm back now, Claudia Winklemans on, can listen don't need to watch. Had today off and after doing some housework to avoid feelings of guilt got the pva, acrylics, alcohol ink and glitter out had great fun, waiting for it all to dry then shall have a further play, though have to do garden tomorrow for the winter as its looking fairly tatty, so lots of chopping and pruning and then hopefully that will be it, except for when the leaves all fall off, then I shall have to tidy them up, I only do it once mind, wait until the last leaf drops.

Right heres a few more of my ATC's all available to swap,hope you like. Have a great weekend.


Pattie said...

LOL Pidda i always get a smile when i read your blog haha,lovely ATC's !great blog !

Flippinpest said...

Lusting...have you got time for that? tsk well ermmm I have been known to have a longing for sausage rolls. Is that my ATC lol?

Pattie said...

WOW you have been busy lol ,thanks for comment on my blog,enjoyed making that book for Holly.
Not been in Trim for ages to busy altering stuff lol, and in my family i think just about everyone was born in Oct ! next thing is Christmas cards !! its all go here.
Hope your well.
Happy Crafting

Holly said...

more creating and less show can be sooo distracting at happy crafting week

Allotment Lady said...