Saturday, 25 October 2008

Good evening to everyone of my loyal three followers, LOL, only joking.

Had a week off this week, thought I would have plenty of time to craft, but time disappeared as usual too quickly. Was gonna spend some time getting to grips with my CraftRobo and Design Master, but everywhere I looked for help I had to register which was taking forever so gave up, good news is decided to watch my Tim Holtz DVD and then play with some aluminium foil and alcohol inks instead, the results are up above, I was quite pleased with them, no I was really pleased with the results, the above are available if anyone would like to swap, just let me know.

So back to work on Monday, with a six day week and my manager off so I'll be in charge, nothing like a nice easy ride.LOL

Made my first christmas cards this week, for the Support our Soldiers appeal on Trimcraft, am not gonna make loads this year just for close family and friends, perhaps if I didnt have to work Id have time to make more.

Anyway Im gonna love you and leave you, have a great week.


Pattie said...

Hi Pidda
I will send you my Autumn Days you commented on glad you liked it !
Love these new ones of yours especially the think it was a sunflower cant go back to look now lol,but i,ll trade for anything of yours they are sooooo arty lol
Big Hugs

Jane said...

Fab ATC's your right to be really pleased with them.


Flippinpest said...

Fandabidosi ATCs again Slob. i have commented on Trimcraft too ;-)I think it may be easier to follow everyones blogs rather than that soooo slooowww site

Deborah said...

Beautiful, Pidd! I keep debating whether to splash out on the Tim H DVDs. Are they really worth it or could I find the info somewhere else?

MayJay said...

Hi Siobhan, I finally started a blog, thanks to Claires help. Not very good at it yet but am having fun browsing others.
I love your new ATCs they are wonderful.
I think I'm going to loike blogging once I get the hang of it. Its been very inspirational so far. Hugs, Mayxx

June said...

Hello my friend, ... yeah i know i turn up like a bad penny hehehe and here was you thinking that June had disappeared somewhere beyond the stash of atc's ... lol well i have been a bit unwell then a bit busy and now ... back with a vengeance and wanted to see how you are doing. These new atc's are gorgeous. Love how your art is evolving and especially these beauties. Also love your new stamp ... fab !!! Rock it girl !! hehe
Hugs June xxx