Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas . . . hic

A taste of christmas at my house, I was a lazy naughty crafter this year and did not send christmas cards to all my new crafty friends, I have been shamed by the number I have received from you all. Wishing you all a jolly and happy holiday,

Lots of love to you all Siobhan <:

ps this is the best photo that shows the taste of christmas in my house, and its all mine, Yee hah hah!!!!


June said...

You are not the only one Siobhan ... me too :( not been a good girl and likely to get nowt in me stocking lol. Have a lovely christmas my friend and do stop by my new blog ( feebies one ) and grab yourself some free images each day to play with next year. I wish you peace, love and lots of crafty gifts :)
Hugs June xxx

Holly said...

I never got round to making any more cards shame on me too!! I have just slopped about and become a tv addict and abandoned my craft room...lol! Hope you had a wonderful christmas was not too bad here. Hope to get back into crafting in new year whenever! lol