Friday, 23 January 2009

Jam Sandwich 2

Have just taken part in the above swap with flippinpest, rustycage and pattie, we all choose a subject and then have to make each other an atc on each subject, these are my makes (takes) on the chosen subjects.

Pattie chose Mona Lisa, which perplexed me at first but once I started googling images the ideas began to come. "Mona" , I was inspired by the texture of the painting and the crackled effect of it, so decided to mix that together with a bit of Andy Warhol, (just a bit). Rangers crackle paints, only got four colours so wasnt hard to choose those, and then created the letters out of various pictures of Mona, showing recognisable portions of her face, liked the idea of putting lisa outside the atc itself, and ended up stapling letters to card as xyron adhesive didnt take. For "Pieces", I decided to recreate the line drawing I had googled out of patterned paper so sat here snipping away at bits and pieces of paper, love the lizard effect hands, couldn't decide whether to put face on, but decided surname wasn't Da Vinci, so better not risk it. Lastly was "Fantalisa", where I took her out of her normal background and added various ATC favourites to her.

Shrine was Rustys idea and a lovely one to do, had to do a "Russell Brand Bedroom shrine" for Rusty herself, supposed to be corner of room with bed, might not have got the angle quite right on this one. "Gothic Glass "was my christian one, wanted to use a gothic arch and some Ten Second Studio metal technique, and glossy accented the glass to make it shine, was pleased with this one and knew Pattie would like, for my final one "Pilgrimage" wanted to show an old shrine and used word stamps to signify the different types of devotion.

Asia was my choice, didn't want to be specific India or China, wanted to give people the option of playing around with Asia rather than doing the specific oriental type. "Grace" was an image I googled and absolutely adored, could only ever call it Grace as it is such a graceful image. "Willow" tried to follow the blue and white willow pattern theme and "Elephant" was a set of stamps I got from Tanda stamps,(I think), on India, loved the elephant image and used shrink plastic images to get more of the stamps on the atc.

Finally the superbly mad Flippin Pest cam up with Stage Musicals, aaargh, how hard was this, left it till last as no ideas coming at all, in the end jotted down various shows and googled some images to give me inspiration, "Barnum" was my fave, love the figures in the ring, "Cats" and "Chicago" just used various torn images along with silicon glue, to build up a picture.

All together had a great time with this, and if you go to my fave blogs you can find the other peoples blogs, which will show their makes on this Jam, have received 12 fantastic ATC's back and shall display them with pride. Thanks a lot girlies.


Flippinpest said...

Soooperrrrb work Piddster. I see we had a very similar Mona lol but I coloured mine in hehehe.Looking forward to the next one!

Deborah said...

Fabulous work, Pidd! I did a blank faced Mona Lisa as well - Spooky! Must get mine on my blog this weekend.

MayJay said...

Fantastic work Siobhan, I love them all.Keep changing my mind as to which I like most.I think the one for Rusty edges it as its sooo her.
Please pick up the cute award from my blog.I would love you to have it.Not everyone welcomes them so I didn't specify names this time.
Love, Mayxx

Pattie said...

Brilliant Jam swap,really enjoyed this one,loved all mine i got back,especially the religious one thats sooo thoughtful,thankyou.

I have decided to work on another set for you,but not the same as i sent out,so if the others arrive,they will be different,this had happened before to someone in your part of the world,took a 1st class post 2 weeks to arrive LOL how crazy is that !

MayJay said...

Hi Siobhan, Have tagged you. See mine for details, hugs xx