Friday, 30 January 2009


sixth photo folder, sixth photo in it.

It's christmas morning and my youngest has just unwrapped his pressie from nanny, a much wanted Bladestar (broken two days later, grrrr), boys are sitting on one of our pressies, gaming beanbags for their bedrooms, and if you look on the arm of the sofa you can see one of my pressies, a nice pot of UTEE to go with my melt pot.

I am now gonna tag

Flippin Pest

sorry if you have already been tagged ladies, but i Only have a small circle of select acquaintances on here , LOL.

You have to post sixth album sixth photo on blog then tag five others.


Jenni Hamilton said...

Darn - you were going to be 1 of my 5!!!! - back to the drawing board:o)
Jenni x

Pattie said...

Well thankyou lol i was dreading looking to see which pic it was,not that i have anything on my PC i couldnt show LOL (dont think so haha) I have picked my 5 and done the deed xx

June said...

Lovely warm family piccy Siobhan :)
Hugs and hope all is good with you
June xxxx

June said...

Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment. Hope all is good
Hugs June x