Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Crafty Stamper

Been busy trying out new techniques from back issues of Craft Stamper, my fave magazine.

Used October 2008 issue, page 63 to have a go at making some embellishments, was very pleased with the results on Jigsaw Pieces and I'm looking forward to using these techniques on future pieces of my own design, the dominoes was a bit more of a hit and miss, but I can only improve.

Used March 2009 issue, to have a go at brayering techniques, page 24, this was great fun and I loved the stamp they used so much I searched the web until I found it at Blade Rubber stamps, cant wait for delivery of it so that I can play, loved the colours used in this article, so rich and vibrant.

So this is my new years resolution to actually try out the techniques I admire in magazines rather than just looking at them and then filing them away for use in the (distant) future.
Seem to have lost my comment link, hope this brings it back up for you all.