Thursday, 12 March 2009


hi all, thought you might like to know had a really crap day at work, even cried in a meeting, (woh, how embarassing!), PMT has a lot to answer for or perimenopause or whatever it is, good thing I still have a few brain cells left as would love to have told my boss where to put her targets, LOL. Instead got to go in tomorrow and have a 1 2 1 on things, yee hah, I know she will really listen, NOT! At least its dress down for comic relief, though of course I work with lots of young skinny girls so thats gonna really cheer me up, supposed to wear sportswear, wonder if the trackies I slop around in at home would be suitable, HaHa! Thanks for listening, (you are arent you, Id hate to think I was talking to myself). Happy Friday to you all, Siobhan


Jenni Hamilton said...

Hey Siobhan - sorry to hear about your rubbish day yesterday. I'm sure things will be better today - put your best red nose forward and have a great day!
Jenni x

Deborah said...

Chin up, old bean. Hope things were better today.
Deb x

Kristen Hermanny said...

I used to work with all women. It was the worst! I am glad my husband was my knight in shining armor and literally rescued me from all the BS!!!