Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Had a mooch around a charity shop the other day and picked up a dictionary which I can rip to pieces as required for crafty projects, and a book bound kids board book, which I thought I could use a base for a journal. So gesso at the ready and I pasted all over the first double page spread, then left to dry overnight. The next day I checked out Dyan's blog as she has a tutorial on journalling on her sidebar, and got out the distress inks and my tim holtz masks, and away I went, it was really enjoyable. Thought the water spraying bit took most of the ink off, oops perhaps I was a bit too enthusiastic, but I carried on, but then what to write, so here you are my first attempt, what do you think?Came across a few problems, wanted to put a picture of Dyan on, decided image transfer would be good, not too in your face, so copied her header and printed off (hope you dont mind Dyan, it was only for this, honest Im not going to use it for my blog, LOL), then applied medium and put on the page, was really good and left it to dry properly. When I rubbed the paper off (gently, honest), I took most off Dyan's face off and then all the gesso lifted up as well, oops. . . . grrrr

So gritted my teeth and re gesso'd , decided this time to stamp Tim's umbrella man, but then eureka moment, decided to use my new Ferro paint and stamp into that, oops looked horrible so tried to wipe off gently, away came the gesso again . . . .grrrrrrrrrr

So gritted my teeth (here we go again) and re gesso'd, still going to use the stamp but radical decision will use ink, had to re blend it in again as a lot more gesso came off this time, should have took a picture of it at the beginning before I wrecked it (twice), anyway tried to blend the gesso away with some distress ink. OMG gesso starts lifting again, aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh, so leave it alone and when dry put some clear crackle paint over the area and cross my fingers, wont touch it again, so here is a close up of both pages . .
Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think, for those people in the know, should i sand the glossy page before the gesso, would it stay on better then?


Deborah said...

LOL you're persistent, I'll say that! However, all that painting on/rubbing off is apparently how the pros do it to get real depth and it's looking really good. Like you, I don't think I'd want to share my innermost thoughts with the blogosphere. Maybe the more you journal, the more fearless you get.

Dylan said...

Hey girlie, its fab. Brill for a first attempt. Yup you should have sanded the pages first, lightly, to give them some tooth. Also make sure they dry complrtely.Spraying loads of water wouldnt have helped. But I often rub on and off to build up layers and create depth. But dont forget you cant possibly go wrong cos oinly you knew what it was intended to look like in the first place, lmao. The first step is the hardest and you,ve done that, so you arte a fully qualified , with Dyanology, journaler and are free to journal to the beat of your own drum. Love to see more. xx

Sue Abbott said...

Like Dyan says, sanding should do the trick, and she should know, she is the 'journal queen' and a brilliant teacher. Jounalling is something I want to try but keep putting off, I think you have inspired me. Like Dyan says, you can't go wrong. Thanks for sharing, look forward to see how you progress.
Sue x

flutterbycrafter said...

It's fantastic, don't know what you're worrying about. It does get easier, honest. You are good though to keep trying, I get fed up and give up, although I'm going to Dy's on Sunday and take my almost empty journal (apart from inked pages) and try once again. Your's is looking good gal. xx

inkfairy said...

Great journal pages.
I think it looks fab. :-)
Dyan is a fantastic inspiration and is determined to get the whole world journaling. :-)
She even got me to have a go, bit messy and not very well balanced but I don't mind.
I'm sure I'll get better with time.
I look forward to seeing your next pages. :-)
Michelle x

Piddawinkle said...

thanks you for all your lovely comments, especially Dyan (famous person), would it be OTT to print out and put on wall, mmh perhaps send it to Dyan to autograph, LOL

Dylan said...

Ha ha , you are sooooo funny. I am not famous I am just me..!!! xx