Sunday, 6 September 2009

Some more cards

Here are the cards I have made for my BFF Jo who is *0 this coming week, and for my niece and her mum. I only have my son Taylors 16th to do, then I can play to my hearts content and go back to ATC's etc until the end of October, yee hah.

Went out to dinner at the local pub last night with my husband to celebrate the wedding anniversary, it is the first time we have gone out and left the kids on their own, they behaved brilliantly and we loved the freeedom of it and remembering why we married each other, and no it wasnt cos we are hormonal, shouty, grumpy etc etc.

Then proceeded to sleep through till 12 this am/pm! even though the orchard next to us was being harvested, I think I sleep too much, I do love my sleep though, but hate waking up so late feel like i have wasted half the day, what can I do though, Im asleep, LOL.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What great stamps you have! A few of my faves and most used there.The 40th card especially is a stunner.

Must have been nice to remember why you married each other ;0) Sometimes a bit of space does wonders doesnt it (I guess the kids arent 3 and 5 lol), although if you are able to stay in bed til midday it sounds like you have your fair share rofl. Lucky you. x

Deborah said...

Cool cards, Siobhan. That 40th birthday card stamp is fabbo. Now get on with Taylor's card so we can start ATC swapping again you layabed! :-)Congrats on the wedding anniversary btw.

Flippinpest said...

Love the new blog background Siobhan.That looks like my mermaid stamp lol!She looks great on a card doesnt she?I havent got back into crafting yet, still on the jewellery.maybe I will join you with the ATCs back in the winter too