Saturday, 13 November 2010

I love Tim Holtz

Had a busy week off but have found some time to play with my new Tim toy the tag die, it is a lovely size to work on so Ive had some fun cutting out different materials, two more to show you, also been playing some more with the Octopode images, Ive heard that theres something afoot with Stampotique and the designer (she is 17  - - wow), I predict big things ahead for her, as you can see she has a lovely kooky quirkiness to her art.  She is very prolific and keeps adding new images, will never be able to keep up.

Now my plans for the weekend was to do some chores around the house and find some time to play, unfortunately most of today has been taken up with this . . . .

This is the bank where I work, and at 0338 this am, some people decided to make an unauthorised withdrawal, I was woken by our security team at 0415, because the Police needed a key to get in, hahaha, I had however had a wee drink and didnt have any cash for a taxi, so one of my other colleagues had to go out and sort it out, I have however been there on and off during the day trying to organise things for Monday, we wont be open, in case anyone is wondering.  So the start of a nice quiet weekend rudely interrupted.  Lets hope for a peaceful Sunday.


Deborah said...

Love your tags Pidd. Lily is indeed a talented young lady (and one day we'll be able to say we were among the first to recognise that).

Shame the robbers ruined your play weekend with their JCB cashpoint withdrawal. Kind of exciting though.

flutterbycrafter said...

Fan tas tic dharling (guess what I've just be watching), seriously though, they are fantastic, love them. Do you know, you can;t get the staff these days, saying you'd had a wee dram just to get out of going in the middle of the night ;) xx

Sherry Goodloe said...

I would say a couple of days off from the bank would be a nice gesture from the higher ups! That way you could create some more of those gorgeous tags! *smiles*

thekathrynwheel said...

Must have been quite a big wee drink to still affect you at 04.15 ;-)
That is a very interesting way to draw cash out. I have been tempted to do this at my own bank when the cash machine says 'out of order' AGAIN.
Love you Tim stuff. I didn't know there was a tag die - obvious he would do one when you think about it! I think maybe I NEED one :-)

June said...

Love love love your art here Siobhan, fabulous as always. I am just getting back to crafting after being unable to for a while.
Wow thats one big hole in the wall lmao hehe .... sorry couldnt resist lol. Shame it spoiled your weekend tho
hugs June xxxx

Claireliz said...

Oh I love those tags, gorgeous! How very rude of those robbers to wake you up early on the weekend! some people are so inconsiderate LOL!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my new blog, I was looking at your background, but decided on another one, then it wouldn't work :( How about Piddawinkles Crafty Cage? :D