Sunday, 23 January 2011

Valentines Day

I've had a wierd week with not a lot of crafting, but quite a bit of sorting out.  Decided (as you do) that I needed a new storage method for my promarkers, now many people have previously commented on and liked my previous storage, which kept them in an old cd storage case.  However that worked well when they were on the desk in front of me, but it's made it difficult to use them now they are off to the side, so decided I needed individual pots for each colour group, so I could pick them up and bring them over to my desk easily. 
So went searching through town, tempted in Poundland by some baby beakers, but wasnt quite sure they were tall enough, so off to Wilkinsons, and had picked up two packs of cheap tumblers, then I saw them, pastel coloured metal utensil holders, more than double the price of the glasses, but oh to die for, had to get the utesil holders, £2 each which I don't think was too bad, but as I say, once seen I had to have them, also got a couple of pear ornaments, so cute, forgot to photograph them though.  Anyway so here is my new pro marker storage.  The ribbons are for the brown colours and the lilac and greys.

Yesterday, I was sorting out old jewellery with a ruthless eye, lots went in the bin, well it was going back to them 80's, but salvaged bits and pieces with a view to using them in the future, some bits I had to keep however tasteless they seem now LOL.  Now in case you haven't heard, I'm off to see Uncle Tim in February and we have been told to bring ephemera with us if we want, so some of these bits may well end up in my pile of goodies.  It is getting increasingly closer and we are all on a Yahoo group getting excited and counting down the days, sounds like there is gonna be a great bunch there, my phone is constantly beeping at work with new messages from them all, trying to keep the excitement in check is hard, Mario tweeted photos of them getting the stuff ready for it, and then packed up ready to make its way over to PaperArtsy HQ.

Today I have made my OH Valentines Day Card, used a quote I have seen on one of the DT I follow, and really liked it for its simplicity.  However not feeling very loving towards OH today, so have just left the quote on the front as "Loved you yesterday", (might make him worry for a bit . . LOL, I can be so wicked) inside it will (well might not) say "love you still, always have and always will".

He better buck his socks up or else. LOL


flutterbycrafter said...

Oooo you do crack me up, cute him some slack, you never know, he might find out how much you spend on crafting....then it will be war!!!! Loving the cardxx

Anonymous said...

lol you rotter hehe. Love your card and your container finds and i have recently done the same with jewellery bits i had to keep lots of bits too
hugs June

Jenni said...

Great card Siobhan, love the sentiment and might have to borrow it hehe
So envious of you having fun with 'Uncle Tim' would love to be getting my fingers inky alongside you :o)
Your little Promarker storage pots look great - I keep mine in a drawer and spend ages just trying to find the colour I need which is always right at the bottom!
Jenni x

Sherry Goodloe said...

Love the colors of your new containers and that card you created for your hubby? That's a crack up! LOL xo have a great week.

thekathrynwheel said...

Love the card - fabby colours.
Love the sentiment - best to keep 'em guessing LOL!

Deborah said...

Hehehe love the card! I thought you were supposed to store promarkers flat so the ink doesn't flow away from the nibs (I may be wrong). Great utensil holders though.