Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Day off today so Im hoping to improve on my number position and get to see a few more other WOYWW postings.

This was my desk last night, I have been working on a couple of projects at the same time, which is so unlike me, but Im actually finding it quite good for the mojo, as Ive got more than one thing to think about.

At the back of the desk is a journal page I am working on, I made the base a week or so ago and have been playing around with some ideas to finish it off, well I've now decided and have printed out some images to use, hopefully I will get it finished this week, its to do with my work and the challenges Im having to face there at the moment, I have also taken photos at all the stages, so hopefully will be an interesting post.

On the very edge of the desk is my sky remote, yes my xmas present finally arrived, we have multi room and I can watch all my fave programmes whilst crafting away, I love all those trashy reality programs, currently on in the background is "17 kids and counting", also love medial programs, am a frustrated medical person,when I look back I wish it had been a path I had taken, unlikely to happen now but work near an ambulance station so often think about becoming a parmedic, just dont think it will fit in with where we are now as a family.

Ah well back to the desk, now I havent done much craft sale shopping this season, but did visit hobby craft and picked up some great stamps cheaply, two of them are in front of the tv remotes, a really cute saying and a lovely corner swirl.  The other side is my box of Art Journal stamps, a box that will defn need to get bigger, Ive got my eye on some of the other sets in their range.

Finally in the middle, WIP, read on someones blog over christmas about tone on tone stamping, which I had a go at, this one didnt quite work, so I went over with a sakura pen, the others did they were more detailed stamps, so perhaps works better on those types, will post them separately for you to see.

Right better go or Ill have no time to do anything else today, see you at your desk.

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Karen said...

Your desk certainly looks like a very creative desk, thanks for sharing :)
I adore those hearts that you have hanging across your room, they are gorgeous.
Karen #92

Sherry Edwards said...

I spotted your hearts too - very pretty! Your whole creating space looks lovely and airy - and TV too! I often think all I need in my craft room is a kettle and I'd be in there all the time - LOL.

Your journal page sounds interesting, look forward to seeing it when you've finished.

Thanks for already stopping by my desk today.

Sherry (103)

Greenpixey said...

Funny thing that, the hearts were the first thing that caught my eye too. I like them a lot.
Fabby blog you got, you make some quirky stuff that I think are awesome and inspirational.
Spotted the Dark Dude you had drawn on the forearm in an older post... I know it's not one of your creations but I'm gonna have a go at crocheting your "tattoo"
greenpixey #103

Deborah said...

Yep, fabby hearts Pidd! So you are now in thrall to the evil empire (Murdoch)- I never watch medical dramas, I like cop shows! BTW did you see my email to you - it is fine to stay before Timfest.

Doone said...

we run graduate entry medicine (GEM) from our medical school if you are serious I'll send you the stuff

Helen said...

Great desk, hope you've had a good day off and got lots done (and not spent all day visiting desks, lol!)

Sassylassy said...

Fabulous work desk. Ahh it's so refreshing when the MoJo is going! I bet your room get a lot of light with those big windows. I totally love your heart window treatments. Very Chic!
Hugs Bonnie

Mrs A. said...

Don't you just love it when people say and in front of or to the left of cos you just have to zoom in with your mouse and take a closer peek. Done that on the swirly stamp and I rather like it. Looks like you have already tried it out too!!
Hugs Mrs A. #98. Thanks for stopping by too.

Claireliz said...

Love those hearts in the background there. Always love nosing round your workspace

Marjo said...

I spot some wonderful creativity going on in your workspace, this week.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #23 Happy WOYWW

minnie_mac said...

Great workspace. Thanks for the snoop.


Susan Allan said...

A very interesting workspace. I love the hanging hearts and the little brown display case on the wall.
Sue xx67

——>Katie Bolinger said...

what a nice work space. You must get good light in those windows.

Sheila said...

Those are cute hearts hanging.

Clare H said...

Fab desk, love the hanging hearts.

S said...

I'm not sure I could tell anyone what's on your desk; those hearts caught my eye as well. Have fun playing with your new toys. And thanks for dropping by my place.

Tertia said...

Your desk is super creative!
Tertia 88

JoZart said...

Don't think I did the word verification.... so I'll post again. Lovely spacious work room you have and I love your collection of hearts and the way you have displayed them.
Happy 2011
joZarty x

okienurse said...

Awesome work space. Love the card stock rack!

Nicky said...

Great space and lovely you and sit and craft and watch what you want on TV - my craft desk is in the corner of the living room so I have to cope with whatever DH, DD, or DS are watching ~ Nicky 45

Tracey Brossart said...

Very busy workdesk! Love those gorgeous hanging hearts!

Thanks for the peek! :D


Anonymous said...

Love those hearts hanging across your windows and great to see a larger portion of your room today. I like the tone on tone stamping with versamark but it doesn't work with all papers or colours of papers, bit of experimentation needed!

Brenda 94

MaggieC said...

Those hearts are lovely. Not come across tone on tone, must look that up and see what it is.