Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm loving distress stains

Watched Tims's video on Scrap Time about using the distress stains and started playing with the selection I picked up when I met Tim the other month (oh did I not mention that already, LOL).  I started up buying 3 then went back and bought 2 more, as you do, now I want them all and I want them now.  Along with the last five DI pads and all of Paper Artsy new paints, all of Jo Capper Sandon stampotique range, more art parts and stamps from studio 490 and more of Tim's dies, gonna have to wait for them to be released though.  This week I have got the Sewing Room die and shall be using that for my mums mothers day card.

Anyway I digress from the demo, it was really good and really kicked my mojo off, tried to use some of my new stash as wll, so my first piece with my Sudio 490 stamps, I do love them, the stars are so cute and then got carried away dying trims with the DS.  Such fun I loved it...

Yesterday I was reading the Altered Inkers WOYWW entry, and noticed she has monkeys everywhere, so said I would post a picture of my solitary monkey on his chaise longue.  I love Nickys craft room I have stolen lots of ideas for my space from hers.  Just yesterday I bought another wire cake stand from homebase, half price at the moment, £4.99 a right bargain for anyone else who has been looking for them at a cheap price, not quite sure where but somewhere on her blog is a walk through video of her area starting at the door and the wire dress form on the door, (Ive got one of those too ..  isn't copying the sincerest form of flattery LOL), so for Nicky, heres Monkey

Just to let my mates know I am on the sick at the moment, came down big time from my brilliant Timmy time, came back to disaster areas at work and home and a heavy cold, so my body decided no more, it couldnt cope, so if I have sounded a bit pissed off with life, that is why.  Hopefully back to normal next week, or as close to normal as I ever can be. .  LOL..

My new crafty friends seemed to have nick named me McFly, something to do with a windscreen, a fly and a car crash, followed by my secret crush on the McFly guys, one of them made a fly   >!<    for me out of characters on the keybouard, LMAO.

How lush are they, yum yum....


flutterbycrafter said...

Woo hoo love the tag, I've got all the distress stains and they are fabulous, haven;t got the sewing room die, but it's on order and have I told you, I've ordered a Vagabond, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything will be die cut within an inch of it's life, should be here tomorrow. Enjoy all your fabby new stash McFly,xx

Jenni said...

Your post made me laugh Siobhan so thanks for that! ;o)
Love your tag, the died ribbon and the flowers at the bottom are gorgeous - must have a look for these distress inks the effects you have achieved are fab!
Hope you feel better soon.
Jenni x

Claireliz said...

That looks fab (& Mcfly too lol)When I buy these distress stains, can I blame you for making them look so tempting? :D

Doone said...

I watched that video too - I have to admit Mr Holtz is very easy to watch do love his style, and those easy to use quick dyes are going to sell well,

your tag is fab

the fly boys look gay - they really do

I prefer men...

get weller soonest


jeanetteguy said...

Haha, made me chuckle this morning. Gorgeous colours in the tag and the new stamps turned out well didn't they. Is the tim sewing die bigger than the others I really want one but wonder if it'll go through the cuttlebug?? Hope you and yours are feeling better soon!
So jel of the fab craft area. Luv ya xx
Jeanette :)

jeanetteguy said...

Btw, I thought I was looking at pics of my OH but he doesn't have any tats and usually showers alone!

Deborah said...

Sorry you are feeling like pooh, Pidd. Doesn't seem to have affected your craft mojo too much - your lilac-y tag is lovely!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful tag Siobhan, love the colours - haven't got any of the stains yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time :-) Fab pics of McFly ;-)
Anne xx

JoFY said...

Well there's eye candy and then there's EYE CANDY!! but I have to agree with Doone - its not the most hetrosexual photoshoot ever is it! rolf but having said that they are very easy on the eye aren't they!!
PaperArtsy's paints are called Fresco Finishes... and the sad and lonely remaining pink paint tube came home with me! I felt sorry for it! lol
lush, lush and lush - and I'm talking about the paints here... not mcfly
Take care

Minxy said...

lol@ Donna, fly boys look gay.. well they were posing for a gay mag lol
but certainly have nice arses.

Loving monkey on his posh day bed, my monkeys are now totally jealous, see what you started woman lol next they'll be demanding a tv and all sorts lol

Love your tag too, i only have one sad lonely distress stain but defo want more, there really cool.

Oh and i am happy for you to nick as many storage ideas as you like hun, If your happy i'm happy :D
Wishing you better soon
Stay Inky
hugs Minxy x

Gillian Cherry said...

'McGAY' more like!!! But REALLY luvvin your tag McFly, the stars work beautifully and such a lush colour too!
>!< + [/_/] + (•~•) + {%}_ = DISASTER!!!! But what a laugh!

(fly + windscreen wipers + Siobhan + towing caravan) lol!

The Octopode Factory said...

(im averting my young impressionable eyes here!)

the cake stand was only 4.99? i've been after one of these. love it. you have way too many promarkers!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh I think I am having a funny turn ..... :-)))