Saturday, 26 March 2011

Card Making for a change

Bought this digi stamp for the MIL birthday card then was told my Uncle liked Kingfishers too, so two cards made in one.  It's very organised of me' as one birthday is late April and one is July, was also playing with my silhouette machine doing some cutting, so much money for it and used very rarely, so must use it more, I've bought a new cutting mat and gave the silhouette a wipe, covered in unknown stuff but may possibly have been a spiders WC, niiicccccccce.

So coloured in with pro-makers and silhouette shapes and DI used to try and add some depth, not overly happy with these, but hey ho, they'll do. LOL

The dancers card is for my ex BIL, who has got into dancing big time.

Belated thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes, had a meal out with the family on Tesco food vouchers, (god they are brill, only have to pay for the drinks), and got (ok chose myself) a Chamilla necklace and a new bead.

Been a bit of an up and down week, OH job is in jeopardy, seems we just start to recover from one thing and another things crops up, but we have been through it before so hopefully, we will weather it again.

Anyway hope you are all well have a nice weekend. I'm off for a girls night out tonight, gossip, food and alcohol, so better go and get ready, hope my polyfilla hasnt dried out LOL


jeanetteguy said...

Love kingfishers too but never used DIs yet. Cards are lovely I'm sure they'll be chuffed with them. Think my fave is the dancing one tho.
Hope things look up for the Hubs but glad your getting a girly night out- behavvvve!! Lol xx

Marita Soutar said...

Thanks for your lovley comment. I like the cards. I have never used digi stamps either. Was the dancer doen on the sillouette? Your welcome with the broach. Glad you like it.

Deborah said...

Lovely cards Pidd! The dancers especially. Hope you enjoyed your night out with the girls :-)

Piddawinkle said...

thansk girlies the dancers were cut on the silhouette using Tims lost and found papers :)

Minxy said...

I like the kingfisher cards, there coloured beautifully.
Hope you had a great night out :D