Friday, 13 May 2011

Happy Daze Challenge

After a week off I finally managed to do something crafty last night, I decided to have a go at the Happy Daze Challenge on Facebook for anything in  Black and White.  I tried to do something a bit different and stamped using Lord Tim's waterstamping technique, then added a line stamp in black on the white card, LOL, then embossed in white a saying. My OH says he cant see the image very well, so Ive picked the best photo for you to see.

Also as my last day of holiday today, we drove out to Rye to poke around in the bric and brac stores, but on the way spotted an "antique store" in an old garage. They had some lovely stuff in there, most of the things I like are way too expensive, one item we asked about was £140, needless to say we didnt get that, but OH asked about printers trays and he had one and I got it for a tenner, think it might take me a while to alter it though, also has letter blocks somewhere and is going to ring me when he finds them, dont know if we will ever find our way back though, it really was out of the way.  Also found a porn book from the 1940's, think todays kids would find it a touch too mild, just very artful booby shots, LOL, would have got it but it was a tenner as well.

So happy weekend everyone, and Jeanette Happy Birthday on Sunday.  MUBT


Jayne C said...

You lucky thing!!! I LOVE your printers tray!! In fact, have just shown your piccie to hubby who has a printing business and even he said...WOW!!! It;'s fab...can't wait to see what you do with it!! xx

Minxy said...

An interesting effect achieved, very cool card, have fun altering the tray, don't forget to blog your progress!

Deborah said...

Love your printers tray - hope you get your letter blocks, Pidd. Verrry nice card too. That line stamp is really effective.

jeanetteguy said...

Gorge card, lovely result. So jealous of your treasure find!! Yes can't wait to see progress pics! Thanks for my bday wishes too. MUBT
Jeanette xx